Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lots of new stuff to report.....

Before (Jan 3, 2011)

So...the last time I posted, I was discussing the cleanse that I was doing. went fine. At the very LEAST it got me motivated to get back on my Clean Eating and Exercising wagon. I would like to thank the Cleanse people...they make a good product. If you aren interested in the product information please leave a comment and I will get it to you.

In January I started a program that has meabsolutely ECSTATIC. I have been on it for 8 weeks and have lost 15.8 lbs of FAT and 13.25 inches. It has given me the OOMPH I needed to get my act together. I made fabulous progress and am STILL dedicated to the program. Which is absolutely amazing to me! I usually never finish anything! I stuck to it thru the WHOLE 8 weeks even though I had some trying times--I was sick for a whole week, my hubby was home for 5 days (he's an OTR truck driver, I see him about every 8 weeks or so)
These can be things that usually dump me on my ass. I persevered and made it thru.

The program is Fabulous Fatloss by Josh Tapp. I will get a link up for you soon, but you should be able to google him and find the programs.

Some things that kept me on track: I planned my meals for the whole week, shopped, cooked, and packaged them up on Sundays. I wrote out some short term goals: which btw...I blew out of the water! I kept track of all my measurements--the most motivating thing of all. I also bought a notebook and cut out pictures, articles, and words that motivated me. This book acts as my "vision board" I read it every day and add to it as I see things that move me.

I am still a very BIG little girl. I'm still only 5'2 and if you went by the scale I am probably in the morbidly obese range (215) HOWEVER!!!!! One thing I learned--if I only had a scale to track my progress I wouldn't have seen the progress and would have been so depressed for only losing 5 scale lbs. If you don't already know this: THE SCALE LIES LIKE A DOG!!!! Throw it out!!! I used calipers for BF, I measured body parts, I took pics. These 3 things tell the whole story.

So now I have a new goal. My daughter is getting married in September. We're going on a cruise. So I have to get myself in gear! I want to wear a nice dress. I will report my journey weekly and you can cheer me on! LOL!!!


Kashifrehman said...

It's good that before starting you plan every thing, critical thing is you realized that you need this effort. Now only thing is you have to stick with your plans to get your desired results.

pynk said...

that's great! good progress keep it up!!!! My mother is also trying to lose weight :)