Friday, December 30, 2011

Another year...Still FAT

I'm feeling like such a loser. I tried to drop major pounds before my cruise this past August. I did really well w/ my program--8 weeks. That was it. Then I started floundering. Reading and thinking maybe I should do something else. When that happens you are screwed. NOTHING gets done. Here I am a year later and I am EXACTLY where I was at this time last year. I've had it with myself. One good least I have NEVER given up on myself. I'm just inconsistent. A FB friend of mine asked us all.."what is the one thing that gets in your way--it's too early, no time, etc" MY ANSWER WAS....ME. Plain and simple. I AM THE ONLY THING GETTING IN MY WAY.

I have made a new plan for 2012. My first rule: DO NOT STRAY FROM THE PLAN. DO NOT RESEARCH, READ, BUY ANY NEW PROGRAMS. I am an e-book junkie. I have them all. I think I have EVERY DVD out there also. it. it. Jillian Michaels or Mari it. Name it, I have it.

Here's the plan:

Eating: I am doing my old stand-by Diet Center plan. I lost 60 lbs TWICE with this program. Based on good clean food--fruits, veggies, lean meats. No crap has to be purchased.

Workout: Month One: Firm Express. This lasts 4 weeks. Good for beginners. Will get me started without feeling overwhelmed. 3x per week. Intervals and weight training.

Month Two - Four: Chalene Extreme--90 day weight training. Fabulous program from

Month 5-7: New Body Pump DVD from

Will post the rest when we get there.

I also joined a challenge on

I promise to post at LEAST once per week. I need a reader out there to please hold me accountable. I'm gonna lay it on the line, pour my guts out and get control of myself. It ain't gonna be pretty. I hope someone will read and join me.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lots of new stuff to report.....

Before (Jan 3, 2011)

So...the last time I posted, I was discussing the cleanse that I was doing. went fine. At the very LEAST it got me motivated to get back on my Clean Eating and Exercising wagon. I would like to thank the Cleanse people...they make a good product. If you aren interested in the product information please leave a comment and I will get it to you.

In January I started a program that has meabsolutely ECSTATIC. I have been on it for 8 weeks and have lost 15.8 lbs of FAT and 13.25 inches. It has given me the OOMPH I needed to get my act together. I made fabulous progress and am STILL dedicated to the program. Which is absolutely amazing to me! I usually never finish anything! I stuck to it thru the WHOLE 8 weeks even though I had some trying times--I was sick for a whole week, my hubby was home for 5 days (he's an OTR truck driver, I see him about every 8 weeks or so)
These can be things that usually dump me on my ass. I persevered and made it thru.

The program is Fabulous Fatloss by Josh Tapp. I will get a link up for you soon, but you should be able to google him and find the programs.

Some things that kept me on track: I planned my meals for the whole week, shopped, cooked, and packaged them up on Sundays. I wrote out some short term goals: which btw...I blew out of the water! I kept track of all my measurements--the most motivating thing of all. I also bought a notebook and cut out pictures, articles, and words that motivated me. This book acts as my "vision board" I read it every day and add to it as I see things that move me.

I am still a very BIG little girl. I'm still only 5'2 and if you went by the scale I am probably in the morbidly obese range (215) HOWEVER!!!!! One thing I learned--if I only had a scale to track my progress I wouldn't have seen the progress and would have been so depressed for only losing 5 scale lbs. If you don't already know this: THE SCALE LIES LIKE A DOG!!!! Throw it out!!! I used calipers for BF, I measured body parts, I took pics. These 3 things tell the whole story.

So now I have a new goal. My daughter is getting married in September. We're going on a cruise. So I have to get myself in gear! I want to wear a nice dress. I will report my journey weekly and you can cheer me on! LOL!!!