Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I've been gone for a LONG time.

Me in 1974. Great pic, huh? I forgot how little I actually was. I had a 24" waist at that time.

It is time I jump back on the Fitness horse. I have had a rough year and I pretty much stopped doing everything GOOD I have learned over the last two years. I'm not saying I gave up....I just stopped. Not sure why, I gained back all the lbs. Feel crappy, but still know that I was on the right track and I can do it again. I (we) have discussed the fact that all of us can easily get information overload and get frozen into inaction. Well I had that happen and I have decided that I am the only one that knows what I need. I know what to do. I know what to eat. I just need to do it. I threw out all the ebooks I bought. All my "diet" were trashed too! I have cleaned my house and my mind. I feel like that little lady on Poltergeist when she "cleaned" the spirits....This house is clean.

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a company called Dr. Natura. They make a product called Colonix and Toxinout. They asked me to "try" their products and report on my blog. I said Sure, why not! I'm always up for Free stuff... :) They maintain that in our modern, toxic world our liver, colon, and other organs require regular cleaning. The process is called detoxification. I'm not sure I go along with this, but I'm all for trying something new. I am going to report how my detox is going...this is going to be a two month program for me. I started on Saturday, Oct. 2nd.

I am to take an herbal Liver and Colon purifying complex in the morning along with a fiber powder about 15 min. later. The pill are okay. The fiber takes like yuck...HOWEVER...I mix it in with my shake in the morning and it is fabulous. Love it. In the evening when I am ready to relax, I have an herbal tea to drink..I am not a tea drinker, and don't much care for it. The taste is fine. I have no problems with it, other than I don't like tea. :)

Over the next few weeks I will give you more info regarding the products and company that produces them. Their website is:


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