Monday, July 27, 2009

A very nice day, today...

My 4 month old Lab--Jake, and his "cousin" Deuce. Deuce is the most beautiful little Wiemaraner.

I got out my Eat Clean Diet book and re-read the whole thing. There are some things that I need to work on. I've been eating clean, and it's getting easier to do everyday. I still have some glitches, but they are fewer and far between. I had a cheat meal this weekend--burger and fries. I only ate 1/2 the bun, and didn't finish my fries. This was a lunch meal, so I got right back on my "clean" stuff for my afternoon snack and dinner. That's a huge improvement for me, usually eating ONE thing "bad" sends me off on a weekend binge. I guess you really can teach an old dog new tricks!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goals and Stuff....

I lost 6 lbs towards the Transfigure Fitness Challenge. I had to drop out of the challenge due to a $$ issue. BUT....I have continued on. I have a new meal plan, I am working out like I should be and I feel good. I'm still in control. I haven't had any chocolate in two weeks. I know if I can get past this little hump, I will be fine. I just need to get it out of my system: physically and mentally.

I have 7 months left to Phat Camp. I have plenty of time to make some MAJOR changes. I have always worked better under pressure...I think a year out was too much time for me. I just kept putting it off... but NOW, I've got my shoulder to the stone, and I'm plowing ahead.

I'll have some new measurements on Sunday. I hope you day goes well and you spend some time with your loved ones.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th!

I'm waving my flag and wishing you all a happy 4th.
Don't eat too much! LOL!!