Sunday, May 31, 2009

Women who inspire me.....

This is Heather Bear....I met her at PHAT Camp in January. She is, among other things....wife, mother, figure competitor, admin asst to Jenny Hendershott. One of the most caring and sweetest people I know.

This is Jenny Hendershott....the current Miss Fitness International. She is head of Phat Camp. The best experience of my life and She is the reason I restarted my fitness journey. I plan to go to Phat Camp in January 2010, and knock her socks off!

This is my "coach". Her name is Kim Mitchell. She also is wife, mother, figure competitor, personal trainer. I am honored to know her. I found her when I was just about to give up.

Last, but not least...Shari Kraft. Yes, ME! I inspire myself. It all starts with me--with you....If it's not IN us, it just won't happen.

Eat right, train hard, you're an athlete!


Roy and Hazel said...

Love the new theme for your blog, Shari. I normally read your posts through google reader (as I subscribe) and I didn't realise that you changed it.

Glad that you're feeling really motivated! Looks like a great team there! Best of luck!

Kimberly Mae Bailey said...

whatever happened to kim mitchel i use to follow her blog and she was a huge inspiration