Monday, May 25, 2009

The Weekend...

Started off badly on Friday. Had two pieces of pizza and some Cheetos. What a combination. I NEVER eat Cheetos. What was I thinking? I really, honestly think the pizza and the Cheetos tried to send me on a binge. All I craved for two days were carbs. I felt like a shark trolling for food! I did not eat anything "BAD", I just probably had too much of the good stuff--I had baked fries on Sunday. I know that I should have eaten about half what I did. I love hamburger patties. So I had one. It was grilled and very lean. I feel bloated and yucky today.

Did my circuit workout this morning. Made it thru twice. Pat on the back "pat, pat". I love this circuit. I am making progress. More reps, and heavier weights.

Pushups: Reps: 17 and 15
Lat Pulldowns: 80# on the Bowflex
Reps: 15 and 14
Mil. Shldr Press: 10 lb DBS.
Reps: 12 and 12(barely!)
8 minutes on Tread Mill--intervals
squats: Reps: 20 and 20
10 lb. DB's
Skier Squats: Reps: 15 and 15
10 lb DB's
Plies w/upright row: 8 lb DB
Reps: 12 and 12
8 min Intervals