Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I hate walking on the treadmill. It's so boring. BUT!! I did something different. I walked for 4 min. then I did a "hill" at 6.0 incline for a minute. Then I walked again at 3.0 for 3 min. and repeated the cycle until my 35 min. were up. It was fun, and the time went by. Good sweaty workout. I am so happy that I signed for training. There are so many good tools on Kim's site to help keep me on track. I have food log, workout logs, a forum, direct email to Kim. There's tons of articles, exercise library, and a blog. I feel encouraged.

A fabulous thing happened today! My sister, who is WAY more overweight than me, (like 350lbs.) finally asked me for help. I bought her a copy of the Eat Clean diet by Tosca Reno along with the cookbook. I figured this was a good starting point for her. We made up some menus. I explained about cooking once or twice a week, and portioning out her food. She's also going to sign up at Curves. She's started walking around her neighborhood. I am so happy. We're gonna keep each other accountable. My sis is the most beautiful girl. She's tall, lt brown hair and blue eyes. She has spent the last 15-20 years morbidly obese--had a drug problem (which she conquered several years ago). I'm so happy that she wants to change her life and body. I knew she would eventually come to this point--it had to be HER idea.
I am a happy girl :)

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Marbella said...

Hi Shari,
You are soooo right. Your blog is so fabulous now...just luv it. Good job on working it out. As you can see, the blogs are so quiet now as everyone is at the RTP site. So many people there you can´t keep up. So glad you are on your way to fitness and no doubt you´ll get there this time. Now that you have your sister, you´ll both help each other. I tried CURVES years ago and didn´t like it, but maybe she will. Will be back often now that you´re back.