Monday, May 11, 2009

A new beginning....again.

My new puppy. We've had him for 2 weeks. He's 10 weeks old, and his name is Jake.
he loves the water, and we have already been on a few walks.

One thing you can say about me is that I always get back on the wagon! I've fallen off for a few months, but I'm up, and I'm driving!

My trainer Kim of TransFigureFitness has me on a great program. I'll be documenting my progress here. We are currently having a July 4th Challenge. The finish line is 8 weeks away.

I met Kim on Spark People about a year ago. She started her website sometime in March. You should check it out. I trust her, I know I will do well with her--she's a no-nonsense kind of person. I need that. BUT I also need someone who understands a women's life and challenges. She obviously does...she's a mom, wife, trainer, figure competitor, websites....etc. She's busy.

This morning I did a circuit of weights and cardio...something like this:

shoulder presses
lat pulldowns
10 min of intervals on TM
10 min more of TM
bicycles for abs

I'm supposed to do this up to 3 times around....I got ONE in today. Let's just EASE into this fitness thing! LOL!!! The workout was challenging, even only doing one round.

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Lee said...

Wow - that sounds like a great start!