Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Isn't this a great picture? Does anyone know who it is??? Hmmmmm???? It's Rachael Cosgrove. Google her, you'll see what a great person she is.

I finally figured out how to do my circuit! Thank you, Kim for helping with that! My workout this morning was hard, but not too hard! I worked up a good sweat, and worked my whole body! I was a teensy bit nauseous after I finished for a couple of minutes, but it passed just as fast as it came on. The girls at Transfigure Fitness are having a Fit 4 the 4th Challenge. W get points for submitting our workout and nutrition logs. Guess who's leading?!! ME!!! By .5 of a point!!! I am going to work hard to win. I really NEED a free month of training! Money is tight and I dont' want to waste it, so I am giving this challenge my ALL.

lat pull downs
military press DB
TM for 8 min--intervals
Ball squats
bicycles for abs
TM again for 8 min. intervals

I'm supposed to do this circuit 3 times, but that's a tad much for me. I did it once thru. We'll work up to twice next. 3 times thru will be WAAAAYYYY down the road! LOL!!!!

Have a great day. Eat Clean. Do your training! You're an athlete!

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Margaret2007 said...

Great to see you back at it Shari!! I had been struggling myself, but seem to be getting better and better each day. One day at a time, Shari, we get to our goals!

How's your DS doing? Mine is back in Iraq...pray, pray....We moms always have something to keep our hearts occupied!