Friday, January 9, 2009

Unclutter your Mind

I did my workout this morning and feel great.
I am eating lots of good food: chicken boobs, brown rice, oatmeal, berries, veggies, a sweet potato now and then and some salmon when I can find a piece that I can afford! LOL...

I have been reading some of my old posts. I have come a long way this year, and have learned a LOT. I have come to the conclusion that my problem (why I can't get past a few months on program) is because I don't take it day by day. I am so weighed down by the extreme scope of my goals that it overwhelms me. I know it's going to take at least 10 months to reach my goal. So I need to set daily mini goals. If I can just string enough days together, then little by little I will reach my goal.

Another thing I have learned is that I don't quit. I fall off the wagon a LOT, but I don't quit. So I have to work on "consistency". That comes by daily working my plan and not losing sight of my daily, weekly, and monthly goals. That's where this blog comes in. This is my accountability to you, the reader. I have poured my heart out in the pages of this blog and I can't let you down. I have to do this for me, for you. You are reading this to maybe find some insight to help you in your own struggle (journey). What kind of an example would I be if I didn't put my fears, triumphs, and hardships in print. I kinda lost sight of my "reasons" for blogging last month. I also did not push myself enough this year. I was too easy on myself. I let myself off the hook too easily. There will be trials, there will be hard times, and there will be triumphs....I will make sure that every experience will be written here for you and for me. I can tell that this year will be different. I can see myself reaching my head is straight and uncluttered.


Marbella said...

Good post today Shari! You can do this. Have you read Adam´s new modules on how/when/why to lose weight and get a transformation? It tells you in detail how to do it and why. Has helped me so much. Now he has an Excel program to keep up with the reps and weights so you can continually add on and progress. Can´t wait for you to join us and just see it all!

Margaret2007 said...

Wonderful Shari! I'm so glad you are on to "what can I do to move ahead?" It's so much more productive than beating ourselves up!

I'm also in a fine tune with consistency mode. I've also made a huge change to "reward" foods...We learn and we grow!

Keep up the good work!