Friday, January 16, 2009

A Little Story....

As you know, I lost my job Dec. 5th. On Dec. 8th I noticed there was going to be a craft show on Dec 12th at a local manufactured home dealer. I figured I'd sign up and make some quick cash. The day of the show was cold and very windy. We were in a tent, but it really sucked. I stuck it out and just about closing time the home dealer manager came over to me and said that he loved my stuff and wanted to place an order so we could dress up his models. How cool was that?! So a few days later I met with him and got his order together. Since we had a good rapport going, I gave him my resume--in case he knew of anyone hiring. I knew he wasn't, but you gotta talk to everyone you know. When I deliverd his order, he told me that after I had left a few days before...he sat down and read my resume. He said he was VERY impressed and was thinking about adding a third salesperson to his staff, and he wanted a woman. He said to not get too excited because it would take some time and would be "down the road". In the meantime I applied for every job in the Prescott Tri City area. There must have been 30 of them! NO ONE was calling...the ones I called said they weren't ready to make a decision yet--don't call us, we'll call you kinda thing.

The home dealer called around Christmas and said his Regional Manager was in town on a surprise visit and wanted to meet me! When I got the call I was driving to Prescott and had no makeup on, and dressed in sweats! I didn't know what to do! So I just told the guy I was dressed like something the cat dragged in. No prob...just come in. So I interviewed with him! It went well. I got another call after the New Year and things were still moving along. They called me again on Monday, but this time they actually gave me a new hire packet! I won't start for about another 3 weeks, but HEY! Looks like I got a job!

I just think it's so funny that I applied for a ton of jobs advertised in the paper that I could do blindfolded and no one called me for an interview. Also....I connected with Clayton Homes the same week I was laid off! Hmmmmmmm.......
Looks like someone had a plan for me all along.

Now I can relax and enjoy the rest of my time off. Now I can concentrate on ME! I can work on my diet and my crafts. I just couldn't think of anything else, when job hunting was top of my list.

All I can say is, "Thank you, Lord!"


Maggie said...


I truly believe the Lord works in mysterious ways! The hard part is trusting that through thick and thin!
Best of Luck to you, and praying for your son and all of 'em !


Shari Kraft said...

Thanks Maggie! Trusting is the hard part! LOL!!! But it's the best part, because this trust (faith) makes things happen. Thank you for your prayers for my son and his men. Come back and visit again soon! :)