Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 5....Fine in '09, Part 1

I'm not going to keep track of days. I have the start and end in my journal and I know when I get there! I always skip or miss and get the wrong day. It stresses me out! I lose count!

I feel physically lighter today. I know I have lost a bit of fat. I can feel it. I feel so much better than a week ago. My whole outlook on life has changed. Of course, I think getting a job helped with that!

Hey! I took my first drug test yesterday. THAT was an experience! I've never had an employer that required one!

I am eating pretty well today. I like the low cal days better than the refeed day, but since this is my first week on program I am still kinda working out the bugs. I am moving forward and isn't that what we all want? One day at a time. I promised myself I wouldn't get the cart before the horse this time.

I'm still a bit sore in my butt and my biceps. My weakest spot is my shoulders. Everything else is working fine.


Anonymous said...

Shari, you are doing great! I am so excited for you that you get to go to the Phat Camp. that sounds like fun!! to have a body like Jen H. would be so awesome!
I am also so glad that you got that job! What a blessing!

Big B said...

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Anonymous said...

Shari, have missed your posts. how did the phat camp go? do tell all! how is the job going? do hope you are doing well!

Roy and Hazel said...

Hi Shari!
Just wanted to see how you are as you haven't blogged for a while. Hope all's well with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

dropping by to say hi! hope all is going well!