Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 1 of Fine in '09 Mission, Part 1

I started the RTP Transformation program today. I have figured that to meet my goals I will need to do 3 12 week parts, plus one 4 week. That is a total of 300 days. Today was day one....only 299 more to go! LOL!!! I can't look at it like that or I won't finish. The next 12 weeks (90 days) are all I am concentrating on, even at that, I am only doing one day at a time. I aim to do the best I can with every day. My goal is to fit into a size 14 at the end.

My eating was fabulous, I did my strength training, and visualization. I shopped and cooked. I even started my own journal, aside from this blog. I am recording what I eat and my exercise in a daily planner. I like to be able to read and SEE my progress as I flip thru the pages.

ONE MORE of Feb.2, I will be gainfully employed again! WooHoo! The pressure is off and I am feeling more like ME every day! I can't believe how far off track I have gotten! Geez!

I took my measurements and expect to see them change weekly. Will update on Mondays. we go! We're gonna be hot mamas when we're done!


Anonymous said...

Shari, it is party time in the city, I am celebrating with you on the job thing. As far as the training progam, this is your time make it happen. Until next time take awesome care of yourself.

Adam Waters said...

G'day Shari, what a great start to 2009. A new job and a new Mission! My fellow Shredders and I will be here for you cheering you on!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Cgrats on landing a new job, and on the launch of the RTP program. I'm sure you're going to do extremely well in meeting your fitness goals...just take a look at Adam:) Best~

Ron said...

Hey Shari, congrats on getting a new job! That takes a load off your back and you'll be able to focus on making this mission rock!

juli gets happy said...

Shari, you rock, keep the champagne chilled!

You will look so hot in a couple of days (only 300, ;-) and the best is you are going to have some Shari-time until you are going to start to work again. So great, I am so happy for you!