Friday, November 7, 2008

Really crappy photo today, but it's a photo!! LOL...

An email I got from Carlos this morning. We have been talking about boredom and not sticking to our programs....I have a problem with that--BIG TIME. Tomorrow I will post part 2 of our conversation.


As I was thinking about you I wrote this new addition to my literature.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

The joke has been told a thousand times. A supposedly "true" anecdote in Reader's Digest. That version had violinist Jascha Heifitz being hailed by a man on a New York street. The man asks Heifitz, "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" And Heifitz replies, always "without breaking stride," "Practice!"

That’s how we get better at most anything, practice.

How do we get better at swimming?


How do we get better at playing the drums?


Reminds me of an exchange I had with a client who is a retired college professor. He is 78 and coming only once a week. He enjoys tennis and other outdoor activities, but his deliberate exercise and strength training were limited. So because he needed balance and agility, I had recommended squats over thigh extensions.

So one day after warming up and stretching he asked me as if I had a limited repertoire of exercise knowledge. “What are we doing today, are we doing squats again?”

I said “Doctor D, didn’t you tell me you have a granddaughter that is a competitive swimmer, what does she do to continue to be competitive?”

“Oh, she has this coach that she sees once a week and he puts her through the paces with specialized training”, Dr. D said as a matter of fact. You know what I just heard you say? He looked at me and gestured with his head for me to continue.

I just heard you say that your granddaughter goes to a coach who finds a way to get your her to do boring repetitious activity, over and over until she gets better at what she wants to get better at. She gets better at swimming by swimming.

Now since you want to maintain your balance, strength, and agility for tennis and your other interests, what’s the best overall exercise to help you achieve that, seeing that you are doing lunges and thigh extensions on your own. To that Dr. D matter-of-factly replies, “Would you shut up and get the squat bar ready?”

What’s your Carnegie Hall? What's your heart’s desire?

Here’s how it works in the fewest words possible.

What we do or don't do daily, ends up being the lifestyle that determines who we are.


Debbie said...

Great post today Shari!

Marbella said...

Debbie is so right...a great post! That last sentence really got me Shari. I says to me that what am NOT doing is making up my life, and boy is my life packed full of Not-Doings. Thanx for the words. Have a good weekend.

Shari Kraft said...

Well wait till you hear what I/Carlos have to say tomorrow!