Saturday, November 8, 2008


If you read yesterday's post, you will know that I have been talking (complaining) to Carlos that I get BORED so easily and have trouble sticking with anything for long. I'll tell ya...this email from him has changed my mind! Read it, it will change your mindset also.

Boredom In Fitness

As I work with more and more trainees I hear more and more about boredom, boredom with exercise, boredom with nutrition.
Personally I never found neither nutrition nor exercise particularly exciting!
What are we expecting from our discipline?
Someone once said, I think it was Ellington Darden, it’s called a workout for a reason- there’s work involved!

Defining boredom:

bore (bor) vt. bored, boring [[ME boren < OE borian, to bore < bor, auger < IE base *bher- , to cut with a sharp point > Gr *pharein, to split, L forare , to bore, ferire, to cut, kill]] 3 to force (one's way), as through a crowd 4 to weary by being dull, uninteresting, or monotonous --vi. 1 to bore a hole or passage 2 to be drilled by a tool [soft materials bore easily] 3 to move forward slowly but steadily, as if by boring --n. 3 a tiresome, dull person or thing

bore, n. ----Syn. nuisance, pest, tiresome or tedious person; see trouble 2.

bore, v. 1. [To pierce by rotary motion] ----Syn. drill, ream, perforate; see penetrate 1.

2. [To weary] ----Syn. fatigue, tire, put to sleep; see weary

bored, mod. ----Syn. wearied, fatigued, jaded, dull, irked, annoyed, ennuye (French); all (D): bored to death, in a rut, sick and tired, bored stiff or silly, fed up; see also tired

So what’s really happening here?

How can we allow the very process that we need to achieve success to become something dreaded,

tedious, tiresome or uninteresting?

Sounds like we need a mind set change because the process whereby we achieve success is probably not going to change or get easier.

To be continued…..


Marbella said...

So good Shari. Won´t look at boredome the same again. Glad you shared what Carlos gave you!

B said...

WELL DONE Shari . You must be feeling good about that. Bec