Saturday, November 15, 2008

I just got my ass kicked....

by Carlos. Seems that I've been a tad blase about my missed workout and the two protein bars I ate on Thurs.

Here's what he said: (in bold)

Exercise Update: Missed one day this week--yesterday.

One missed workout +

Nutrition Update: All clean and simple meals, except last night--had TWO protein bars for dinner. Did not feel like cooking or eating. I don't suppose it was too horrible of a thing to eat, but put me over my calorie limit by about 400 cals. I could have done a LOT worse!

400 extra calories =

Stagnant progress or a reversal or progress.

Here's a thought:

I'm on steroids and am probably experiencing "Roid Rage"
I see a parking spot 100 yards away,
and some idiot- pencil neck geek takes MY parking spot-- everybody knows I saw it first
My first thought was to go over to his car and drag him out of his half-opened window
But I didn't do it.
I could have done a lot worse, but I didn't,
he's lucky today.

So I wrote back to him:

OKAY! OKAY!!!! I GET it! :) LOL!!!
I need to quit rationalizing my laziness!!!

Thank you for this email :)

So what laziness have you tried to "cover up" this week?

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Katschi said...

Although I ate well & exercised I feel like I should've pushed myself more with the weights. I'll be joining the gym in the near future so that I have access to LOTS of weights. Yipee!