Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How many days left???

I lost track of what day it is in our 2 week shred! LOL!!

I am happy to report that what I am doing is working! I am down 3.75 lbs since I started this thing. My body fat% is down ALMOST, JUST A TAD OVER 2%. I am a happy camper. :) I can tell a difference in my face, mid section, and my hands. This is so totally motivating, I can't even describe it! Thank you, Adam...for the kick in the butt. Thank you, Shredders for doing this with me...It's so much easier to have you all doing your thing along with me.


juli gets happy said...

Wow, Shrai, I am so happy for you. You look great!


Danny said...

coint on results continuing to come in, as long as you keep up the new momentum.
Good to have you in the shreddersphere shari!


Ron said...

Good going, Shari. Celebrate each milestone and you'll get to your goal very soon!

P.S. Smile! :)