Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crap Pusher's Letter

I've seen this on a few websites, and I don't know who the author is, but it kinda goes along with the point I've been trying to make about junk. Thought you would like to read....

Hello There!

Were you trying to push someone who has taken on the challenge of a fitness goal, into eating some crap? This person has set out on a mission to get herself in the best shape of her life. This requires eating some food that doesn't taste as great as what you are offering and it is very difficult and challenging to say no . It is a very very difficult sacrifice to make in giving up all the more delicious tasting foods in pursuit of a fit body and it becomes even more difficult when people like you constantly question what she is eating and and keep offering her more crappy food to eat. The crappy food you are offering may taste so delicious but the very sad and unfortunate truth is that it makes our bodies look like total shit. I wish it weren’t the case, but it is true.

Even if this person doesn’t need to lose any weight, the crappy food will STILL make her body look like shit so it’s not only about gaining or losing weight. Here is a person trying to accomplish a very difficult goal of getting and staying in great shape, and you come along and try to throw her off course. How about giving her a little support instead ? This process is very challenging.

If you want to eat crap go right ahead,.. we all make our own choices but there is no need to try and drag others down with you. Or maybe you just don’t realize that eating crap makes you look like crap (many people don’t know that) and you think it is just genetics or aging that causes us to have dangling lard all over our bodies? It doesn’t have to be that way. Start eating right as well, and you will soon see how nice you will start to look and feel and you will see that it is worth giving up the crap. There is no doubt that it SUCKS saying no all the time to the pizzas, the cookies, the cakes, the ice cream and such. It really does SUCK.

As delicious as all the crappy foods can be, they don’t come close to being as fun as it is to walk around in a lean, hard, tight body and look good in any piece of clothing. The right food will give you this look and feeling…foods such as plain chicken, oatmeal, fish, and vegetables. It’s a hard pill to swallow in giving up all the goodies but once you accept the facts you can make the best of it. How would you like to go clothes shopping and have everything look good on you? It is completely possible if you’ll stop eating all the crap and make the right choices each day.

So there you have it. That is why you were reported as a “crap pusher”. Eating right and exercising is very hard work but very worthwhile mission and you are welcome to join in on the fun! If you don’t want to, no big deal but please stop pushing the crap on others and just keep it to yourself.


Mike Groom said...

Nice post Shari!

Jason said...

That post is right on target! It's exactly what I've wanted to tell so many people. Thanks and keep shredding!

Katschi said...

Boy, I really enjoyed this post.