Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to work!

This is Jamie Eason...my favorite fitness gal!

...After a lazy weekend. By lazy, I mean, I stayed home all weekend. I worked out, I cleaned house, did laundry, cooked, worked on some crafts. Great weekend.

How did I do it all??? Same way I do it everyday... I got up the same time I usually do. Worked out. Ate breakfast, and then on with the day. I don't change my routine, just because it's a weekend.

I have learned that there is NEVER enough time to workout....that is why I do it first thing. If not then, I just won't do it. It has become a habit. Working out is not an issue for me. It's a priority. There are no excuses when it comes to my workout. I know when and what to do.

EATING....well that's my weak spot. I am developing a new and improved mindset. I will feel the same way about eating right as working out. There are no excuses to eat right....not anymore. I know what to do, so I am going to do it.

Workout Update: today was strength training. I benched 120lbs. woohoo! I squated w/35 lbs. I'm making small increments of progress. A little heavier each week.
I also did my Pilates video.

Nutrition Update: Today's menu: oatmeal, protein pwdr, cranberries for breakfast; apple and string cheese for mid morning snack; 3 oz of roast beef, a small baked potato and broccoli for lunch; dinner will be chicken and veggies.

Jacket Update: Still only have the edges touching, but can feel it looser in the arms. I bought some AA batteries for my camera. Got them home and they don't work. On the package they say something about Digital???? DUH...aren't batteries, batteries?????


Katschi said...

She's a little hottie...she has the cutest butt. I want a butt like hers, too :)

I like your idea of the weekend being just like regular days. I'm the opposite of you....I need to focus on making working out a priority...food intake is going really well.
120 lbs bench press?!!! WOW!!!!
That's fantastic!
I didn't think there'd be a difference in batteries, either.

juli gets happy said...

Hey Shari,

you are doing so well!!!

120 lbs is just great! ou ca lift our hubb soon,;-).

Shred on, Juli

Marbella said...

My but isn´t my friend SHARI becoming the cheerleader for all that I want to be! So glad that you are getting things going like you want, and before you know it, you will be just where you want. Exactly like that gorgeous girl in your blog. I like her hair too!