Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another day....

I'm posting this pic again, I think it's important for everyone to see it.

Exercise Update: Aerobic circuit... 3 rounds of squats, pulldowns, deadlifts, and chest press... 25 reps each. Real fun. LOL!!!

Nutrition Update: oatmeal and protein pwder w/banana for breakfast, apple and string cheese for snack, Lunch was 3 oz of lean gr.beef, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers and low fat cheese on top of a baked potato w/salsa. Dinner will be salmon and a nice big salad.

Jacket Update: Guess what?!!!! I buttoned the middle button on my jacket! I still can't get the "boob" button and "belly" buttons buttoned yet. Sleeves fit better, but still a tad tight. I'm so excited! I am REALLY gonna be able to wear this thing by Christmas. the batteries for my camera, and will post pics as we go along.


Katschi said...

It's a rude awakening to see what my body must look like on the inside. YUCK!
I really like your aerobic hits all the big muscles, yes?
Your food intake is bang on.
YEAH! for getting a button done up!

Debbie said...

Shari - you are too funny. Boob button. Every woman knows what you mean.

Buffedstuff said...

Hey keep going strong Shari.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

I gasped at the pic- actually saw the real thing on display at
If that isn't a wake up call???
Then I smiled at your are one sassy spunky lady...great workout and excellent eating...congrats on the middle button doing up...PWR coming to pass.

Marbella said...

I am so impressed with that photo of fat. In fact, I copied it and sent it around to some of my friends so they could be impressed too. Congrats on doing so well. The Button War is being won!

Anonymous said...

once was enough. grr