Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Love and blessings to all of you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday...2 days before Turkey Day

So what kind of plan do you have in place for this holiday? Are you gonna chuck it all and pig out, or are you gonna take it easy? I plan to eat right....Turkey, salad, broccoli, and one piece of pumpkin pie. It will be hard, but I'm doin' it!

I had a dream last night. It kind of surprised me. In this dream I saw myself at my goal and preparing to lift the heaviest weight I've ever lifted. When I got up this morning, I felt motivated and so ready to hit the iron. I've heard about visualization, affirmations, and the like, but I always kind of thought it was a bunch of crapola. Just a marketing gimmick. I'm beginning to see that maybe this is what has been holding me back. My mind and body are finally in-sync with each other. This is the first time that I really FEEL that I'm gonna make it.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for San Diego. Won't be back until Tuesday. I'm taking my bands with me so I can work out while I'm there. I'm hoping that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you feel like it, drop my Son David an email. I'm sure he'll be lonely in Afghanistan without the family and friends. These men give up so much for our country.

Here are some tips that Carlos sent me after I told him about my dream. These are really good.

Focus Tips:

Write Down your desired End Result. It's a fact: writing down your End Result (Ultimate Goal) gives you a higher chance of success.

Read them out loud to yourself every day. This can be your declaration and confirmation of your end result, dream, goal, desires. Read out loud the process, the specific plan that you will be involved in daily so that the end result will overtake you!

Commit. Move beyond the land of "good ideas" and determine to take specific actions to achieve your end result. Consider signing a personal letter of commitment to yourself.

Tell People. Let your biggest fans in on your new commitments and goals for the year. (Maybe the Shredders)

Get Accountability. Even better than just letting others in on your "secret" dreams and goals—get some accountability. Meet for lunch once a month with a group that will ask you, "So, are you on task with the daily process to achieve your End Result?" Hire a Life Coach. Talk to your best friend. Get some support!

Make a Plan. Ensure success with a step-by-step specific plan. Work backwards by starting with the end vision of where you want to be and working backwards to where you are today. You'll find an easy plan to make your goal a reality.

Do an End Result Check-In. Before you decide on what you'll take on, make certain you can answer, "YES!" to the following questions: "Am I the primary reason for setting this End Result (vs. your mom, boyfriend, wife, boss, society)? Do I feel alive and energized by this? Is it in line with my life purpose or mission?"

Get Real! If this End Result is something that you have consistently never achieved, take a second look. What will be DIFFERENT this time? Or do you need to just let it go? What purpose is it serving you? What's a good enough reason to finally achieve this End Result?

Focus With Reminders. Once you've got your End Result and specific plan in place, figure out ways to remind yourself. Ideas: post your End Result in the bathroom or your car. Put reminders in your palm pilot, blackberry or cell phone. Figure out what works for you.

Believe and Visualize. Do you know the story about the group of basketball players who spent one hour visualizing making baskets, while another group actually practiced? The visualizing players had better seasons! So visualize yourself successfully achieving your End Result in the time period you have set. What would that look like? How would it feel? Visualize once a day and see the difference it can make.

To go where you have not gone before, to accomplish what you have not accomplished before, requires that you sacrifice more and do things differently than you've ever done them before.

– Carlos DeJesus, 1985 Natural For Life World Bodybuilding Champion

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Morning

It's been a pretty good week for me. I did my thing all week, and now I am facing the weekend....THAT's the hard part for me. Carlos gave me an affirmation that I printed off and will hang on my fridge. It says....

"So that I can maximize results with my program, I practice good food choices all week long"

Isn't that great! I like the word "practice". That means that I am a work in progress, and I am "practicing" how to be the person I see myself being. You practice your guitar, why not practice your fat loss????

Exercise Update: Today was strength training. I was able to up some of my weights on some exercises, and increase reps on others.

Nutrition Update: This morning I was in such a hurry I only had some turkey bacon and a banana..Lunch is chicken and broccoli w/a salad, snacks are a couple of apples, and Dinner will be steak and salad--maybe some salmon, if I have any. I am not as prepared for today as I usually am....

Jacket Update: pretty much the same as Thursday. Will probably post another pic on Tuesday when I get back from my weekend.

I won't be back until Tuesday so I hope you all hang in there and make good choices. Saturday/Sunday are just days.....don't let them mess you up! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My first Jacket Pic

It's not a good pic but you can see the progress. When I started this thing three weeks ago, I had about a 2 inch gap between the jacket edges. Can't wait to wear this! If you look close, you can see that my thighs look thinner also.

Exercise Update: Strength Training--squats, deadlift, b/o row, bench press, shoulder press, curl, tricep ext, and crunches. Per my program with Carlos...I do one set as heavy as I can...I actually curled 40 lbs this morning...6 times. So that was a bit heavy, but I bet I do 8 on Saturday!

Nutrition Date: Had turkey bacon and a banana for breakfast (I was in a hurry) baked sweet potato, cottage cheese, salsa and broccoli for lunch, snacks were apples, Dinner tonite will be chicken and veggies or a large salad. I did have 3 mini hershey bars around 3:00 this afternoon. Slap my hand next time would ya!?

Jacket Update: two buttons buttoned. very tight still, would never be seen in public! but I'm workin' on it!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another day....

I'm posting this pic again, I think it's important for everyone to see it.

Exercise Update: Aerobic circuit... 3 rounds of squats, pulldowns, deadlifts, and chest press... 25 reps each. Real fun. LOL!!!

Nutrition Update: oatmeal and protein pwder w/banana for breakfast, apple and string cheese for snack, Lunch was 3 oz of lean gr.beef, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers and low fat cheese on top of a baked potato w/salsa. Dinner will be salmon and a nice big salad.

Jacket Update: Guess what?!!!! I buttoned the middle button on my jacket! I still can't get the "boob" button and "belly" buttons buttoned yet. Sleeves fit better, but still a tad tight. I'm so excited! I am REALLY gonna be able to wear this thing by Christmas. the batteries for my camera, and will post pics as we go along.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to work!

This is Jamie favorite fitness gal!

...After a lazy weekend. By lazy, I mean, I stayed home all weekend. I worked out, I cleaned house, did laundry, cooked, worked on some crafts. Great weekend.

How did I do it all??? Same way I do it everyday... I got up the same time I usually do. Worked out. Ate breakfast, and then on with the day. I don't change my routine, just because it's a weekend.

I have learned that there is NEVER enough time to workout....that is why I do it first thing. If not then, I just won't do it. It has become a habit. Working out is not an issue for me. It's a priority. There are no excuses when it comes to my workout. I know when and what to do.

EATING....well that's my weak spot. I am developing a new and improved mindset. I will feel the same way about eating right as working out. There are no excuses to eat right....not anymore. I know what to do, so I am going to do it.

Workout Update: today was strength training. I benched 120lbs. woohoo! I squated w/35 lbs. I'm making small increments of progress. A little heavier each week.
I also did my Pilates video.

Nutrition Update: Today's menu: oatmeal, protein pwdr, cranberries for breakfast; apple and string cheese for mid morning snack; 3 oz of roast beef, a small baked potato and broccoli for lunch; dinner will be chicken and veggies.

Jacket Update: Still only have the edges touching, but can feel it looser in the arms. I bought some AA batteries for my camera. Got them home and they don't work. On the package they say something about Digital???? DUH...aren't batteries, batteries?????

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I just got my ass kicked....

by Carlos. Seems that I've been a tad blase about my missed workout and the two protein bars I ate on Thurs.

Here's what he said: (in bold)

Exercise Update: Missed one day this week--yesterday.

One missed workout +

Nutrition Update: All clean and simple meals, except last night--had TWO protein bars for dinner. Did not feel like cooking or eating. I don't suppose it was too horrible of a thing to eat, but put me over my calorie limit by about 400 cals. I could have done a LOT worse!

400 extra calories =

Stagnant progress or a reversal or progress.

Here's a thought:

I'm on steroids and am probably experiencing "Roid Rage"
I see a parking spot 100 yards away,
and some idiot- pencil neck geek takes MY parking spot-- everybody knows I saw it first
My first thought was to go over to his car and drag him out of his half-opened window
But I didn't do it.
I could have done a lot worse, but I didn't,
he's lucky today.

So I wrote back to him:

OKAY! OKAY!!!! I GET it! :) LOL!!!
I need to quit rationalizing my laziness!!!

Thank you for this email :)

So what laziness have you tried to "cover up" this week?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Look what I found!

I found this pic on someone's blog, I can't take credit for it, but doesn't it get the point across? This is so ugly, I can't stand that my body may look like this inside. I'm not 250 lbs, but still......

Look how the joints are compressed, and how her hip bones and ankles flare out. NO wonder, our bodies hurt. I can't believe all the fat inside the organs.

Yay! It's Friday!

I have gotten thru one more week of clean eating and exercise! It's getting easier and easier to "just do it!" I get up at 5:45 and do either my cardio circuit or weight training. Then just go on about my day. I take my food with me, which makes it really EASY to eat the right things all day. My only trouble area is Dinner. Sometimes I make bad choices, but most nights I'm okay. I figure if I make more good choices than bad, then I will see progress.

Exercise Update: Missed one day this week--yesterday.

Nutrition Update: All clean and simple meals, except last night--had TWO protein bars for dinner. Did not feel like cooking or eating. I don't suppose it was too horrible of a thing to eat, but put me over my calorie limit by about 400 cals. I could have done a LOT worse!

Jacket Update: Still need batteries for my camera. Will do that today. Can get the two edges to touch!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Haven't had time to post today! I did my thing...ate right, exercised, tried on the jacket. Progress in all three areas! :)

See you tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have some time to visit!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did you see....

...the change I made to my blog title? It used to say, "Becoming Fit at Fifty". I decided to change it to a more positive, "Being Fit at Fifty". Carlos kinda gave me the "change bug". LOL!!! Even though becoming fit is a process...I thought it would be good to mentally pretend that I was already fit!

I am a tad late with the veteran tribute. Yesterday, I was reading on MSN some stories about Moms that have lost their sons. There were 3 stories, all the Sons were killed in action in Afghanistan. KNOW that is where my son is. I broke out in tears, and just could NOT read their stories. Just couldn't do it. I admire these brave men, but as a Mom, I'm having a hard time dealing with it. Pray for my son, would ya. :) Love you guys.

Jacket Update: tried it on today and I can ALMOST get the front edges to touch. I wanted to take a pic, but my batteries are dead. Will get that fixed and take one tomorrow morning. The funny thing about this jacket thing is that once it fits, the pants will be too big! In fact, I'm wearing them today!

Exercise Update: Did my Cardio Circuit that Carlos planned out for me. It takes me between 15 and 20 minutes to complete, but MAN am I breathing hard when its' done! My son said to me this morning, "Why you breathing so hard, you only worked out for 15 minutes!" Made me laugh :)

Nutrition Update: Still sticking to the 1200 to 1300 calorie range. Eating as clean as possible, fitting a treat in once per week. Still feeling good--no hunger, no weakness, no tiredness. I am sleeping well and able to get out of bed before 6:00.

All in all, I am doing pretty good. I'm sticking to my plan. I feel motivated to do well with it, and think I have come to grips with my "boredom" problem.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So...What did you do today?

I did my weights workout. I actually bench pressed 110 lbs. LOL!! AND...I curled 20lbs. on a barbell. You may think, that's not very heavy...but it is FOR ME!!! I was impressed with myself. LOL!!! I am down 1/2 lb. since Saturday. "Pat on the back"

Now that all the 14 day shred hoo-ha is over, I have a new goal. BTW...who wond the challenge?? About two months ago, I bought a nice dark green suit for work. The pants fit, but the jacket won't even close. It's my usual size, so I didn't bother trying it on. I think someone switched jackets. ANYHOO, my goal is to wear this for Christmas. I am going to try it on every morning before work and report the results here w/pics. I WILL wear this on Christmas Eve with my family.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Morning....last posting day for me

Day one on the left and today after my workout on the right. I know you can't SEE much change, but I'm here to tell ya there is!

Since I do not have access to the internet tomorrow, this will be my final post in the 14 day Shredder Challenge.

1. I have learned that I need to get a grip on my "head". I need to kick Boredom's butt and stay focused, if I expect to make changes.

2. I have a plan that is working. SO...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

3. I have dropped 2% body fat and about 5 lbs scale weight. My jeans fit now. They were pretty tight two weeks ago, in fact I felt very uncomfortable in them. I am wearing them today! Well...slap my grandma! Woohoo!

4. I have learned that I CAN be consistent. I have done my workout EVERYDAY as planned...I have alternated strength training with a cardio circuit. Sundays were/are my rest day. I have increased weights and reps. The cardio circuit is a LOT easier than it was two weeks ago.

Nutrition: I ate 1200-1300 calories every day. I felt full. Did not feel weak or tired or hungry. I ate whole grain--mostly brown rice, chicken, fish, fruit, and a few baked potatoes, cottage cheese, broccoli, salads. I ate 5 times per day. Small meals consisting of a protein, a carb, and a fat... Breakfast was oatmeal, berries, and protein powder just about every day. Lunch was mostly either chicken or cott. cheese, a SMALL baked potato and broccoli, Dinner mostly: chicken or fish and a salad or other veggies. I had one big birthday. Was it worth it? Yes! :) Would I do it again in a "challenge"? Not sure...probably not.

Here's what I did for exercise the last two weeks.

October 28 thru 30 Did Pilates and Body Bootcamp vids

Oct. 31 to 11-8
Aerobic Circuit Per Carlos' instructions
Mon, Wed, Fri
Three circuits consisting of Squats, Pulldowns, Deadlifts, and Bench Presses.
I aimed for 25 reps of ea.

Strength Training Tue, Thur, Sat
As per Carlos' instructions. One set of 8-12 reps. Heaviest weight I can lift.
Squats, Bench Press, Bent over Row, Standing Shoulder Press, Bicep Curl, Triceps Ext., crunches (15 reps)

I would have loved to posted my Log, but I don't know how to make it work with this blogger program.

This was a great experience and I am happy that I did it. It has provided the momentum I need to get thru the last two months of 2008. I will make progress and that makes me happy :)


If you read yesterday's post, you will know that I have been talking (complaining) to Carlos that I get BORED so easily and have trouble sticking with anything for long. I'll tell ya...this email from him has changed my mind! Read it, it will change your mindset also.

Boredom In Fitness

As I work with more and more trainees I hear more and more about boredom, boredom with exercise, boredom with nutrition.
Personally I never found neither nutrition nor exercise particularly exciting!
What are we expecting from our discipline?
Someone once said, I think it was Ellington Darden, it’s called a workout for a reason- there’s work involved!

Defining boredom:

bore (bor) vt. bored, boring [[ME boren < OE borian, to bore < bor, auger < IE base *bher- , to cut with a sharp point > Gr *pharein, to split, L forare , to bore, ferire, to cut, kill]] 3 to force (one's way), as through a crowd 4 to weary by being dull, uninteresting, or monotonous --vi. 1 to bore a hole or passage 2 to be drilled by a tool [soft materials bore easily] 3 to move forward slowly but steadily, as if by boring --n. 3 a tiresome, dull person or thing

bore, n. ----Syn. nuisance, pest, tiresome or tedious person; see trouble 2.

bore, v. 1. [To pierce by rotary motion] ----Syn. drill, ream, perforate; see penetrate 1.

2. [To weary] ----Syn. fatigue, tire, put to sleep; see weary

bored, mod. ----Syn. wearied, fatigued, jaded, dull, irked, annoyed, ennuye (French); all (D): bored to death, in a rut, sick and tired, bored stiff or silly, fed up; see also tired

So what’s really happening here?

How can we allow the very process that we need to achieve success to become something dreaded,

tedious, tiresome or uninteresting?

Sounds like we need a mind set change because the process whereby we achieve success is probably not going to change or get easier.

To be continued…..

Friday, November 7, 2008

Really crappy photo today, but it's a photo!! LOL...

An email I got from Carlos this morning. We have been talking about boredom and not sticking to our programs....I have a problem with that--BIG TIME. Tomorrow I will post part 2 of our conversation.


As I was thinking about you I wrote this new addition to my literature.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

The joke has been told a thousand times. A supposedly "true" anecdote in Reader's Digest. That version had violinist Jascha Heifitz being hailed by a man on a New York street. The man asks Heifitz, "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" And Heifitz replies, always "without breaking stride," "Practice!"

That’s how we get better at most anything, practice.

How do we get better at swimming?


How do we get better at playing the drums?


Reminds me of an exchange I had with a client who is a retired college professor. He is 78 and coming only once a week. He enjoys tennis and other outdoor activities, but his deliberate exercise and strength training were limited. So because he needed balance and agility, I had recommended squats over thigh extensions.

So one day after warming up and stretching he asked me as if I had a limited repertoire of exercise knowledge. “What are we doing today, are we doing squats again?”

I said “Doctor D, didn’t you tell me you have a granddaughter that is a competitive swimmer, what does she do to continue to be competitive?”

“Oh, she has this coach that she sees once a week and he puts her through the paces with specialized training”, Dr. D said as a matter of fact. You know what I just heard you say? He looked at me and gestured with his head for me to continue.

I just heard you say that your granddaughter goes to a coach who finds a way to get your her to do boring repetitious activity, over and over until she gets better at what she wants to get better at. She gets better at swimming by swimming.

Now since you want to maintain your balance, strength, and agility for tennis and your other interests, what’s the best overall exercise to help you achieve that, seeing that you are doing lunges and thigh extensions on your own. To that Dr. D matter-of-factly replies, “Would you shut up and get the squat bar ready?”

What’s your Carnegie Hall? What's your heart’s desire?

Here’s how it works in the fewest words possible.

What we do or don't do daily, ends up being the lifestyle that determines who we are.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another great day!

Took this pic early this morning about 5:30 am right before my workout.

I feel so good! I can't believe how BAD I had been feeling...for months! This little challenge of ours has just given me a totally NEW outlook on my life. I feel positive and fierce! My body is changing (although you probably can't tell yet! LOL!!) My boss just came out to see me, and he said I was looking especially bright and cheery today! So I told him what I'm doing. He was so supportive.

Today was my strength training session. My chest is a bit sore, hamstrings too. Not bad, just a little soreness. I also did some pilates afterward. It makes me feel so good and STRETCHED... I used to be little miss flexible--cheerleading, splits, back bends, flips, etc. but I let that go for YEARS, and now can feel how much I really NEED a good stretch. We definitely need to keep our bodies flexible. I truly believe that will cut down on injuries as we age.

Hope you are reaching for the stars!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How many days left???

I lost track of what day it is in our 2 week shred! LOL!!

I am happy to report that what I am doing is working! I am down 3.75 lbs since I started this thing. My body fat% is down ALMOST, JUST A TAD OVER 2%. I am a happy camper. :) I can tell a difference in my face, mid section, and my hands. This is so totally motivating, I can't even describe it! Thank you, Adam...for the kick in the butt. Thank you, Shredders for doing this with me...It's so much easier to have you all doing your thing along with me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crap Pusher's Letter

I've seen this on a few websites, and I don't know who the author is, but it kinda goes along with the point I've been trying to make about junk. Thought you would like to read....

Hello There!

Were you trying to push someone who has taken on the challenge of a fitness goal, into eating some crap? This person has set out on a mission to get herself in the best shape of her life. This requires eating some food that doesn't taste as great as what you are offering and it is very difficult and challenging to say no . It is a very very difficult sacrifice to make in giving up all the more delicious tasting foods in pursuit of a fit body and it becomes even more difficult when people like you constantly question what she is eating and and keep offering her more crappy food to eat. The crappy food you are offering may taste so delicious but the very sad and unfortunate truth is that it makes our bodies look like total shit. I wish it weren’t the case, but it is true.

Even if this person doesn’t need to lose any weight, the crappy food will STILL make her body look like shit so it’s not only about gaining or losing weight. Here is a person trying to accomplish a very difficult goal of getting and staying in great shape, and you come along and try to throw her off course. How about giving her a little support instead ? This process is very challenging.

If you want to eat crap go right ahead,.. we all make our own choices but there is no need to try and drag others down with you. Or maybe you just don’t realize that eating crap makes you look like crap (many people don’t know that) and you think it is just genetics or aging that causes us to have dangling lard all over our bodies? It doesn’t have to be that way. Start eating right as well, and you will soon see how nice you will start to look and feel and you will see that it is worth giving up the crap. There is no doubt that it SUCKS saying no all the time to the pizzas, the cookies, the cakes, the ice cream and such. It really does SUCK.

As delicious as all the crappy foods can be, they don’t come close to being as fun as it is to walk around in a lean, hard, tight body and look good in any piece of clothing. The right food will give you this look and feeling…foods such as plain chicken, oatmeal, fish, and vegetables. It’s a hard pill to swallow in giving up all the goodies but once you accept the facts you can make the best of it. How would you like to go clothes shopping and have everything look good on you? It is completely possible if you’ll stop eating all the crap and make the right choices each day.

So there you have it. That is why you were reported as a “crap pusher”. Eating right and exercising is very hard work but very worthwhile mission and you are welcome to join in on the fun! If you don’t want to, no big deal but please stop pushing the crap on others and just keep it to yourself.


I know you have been waiting with baited breath to see how I did over my birthday weekend.....Well.......

It wasn't pretty, but not as bad as it could have been! I wanted Mexican food so bad I couldn't hardly stand it. I had made up my mind two weeks ago that I wanted to go to this particular restaurant. On the drive common sense finally kicked in and I asked my hubby if he'd rather go to the steak house instead. He jumped at the idea! He is a real steak and potatoes guy. So we drove over and it was CLOSED! NO WAY!!! There are like only two restaurants in this town, so we ended up at Patrick McGillicuddy's. I had chicken fajitas, no tortilla, BUT...I had a margarita. They had a one man band playing live--that was fun. Mike had him sing happy birthday to me. I was mortified! LOL!!! After dinner he drove over to Safeway and bought me some roses. The most beautiful pink and white blooms. My favorites.

The best thing about this whole thing is that I ate perfectly all day, knew I was gonna eat out, but I immediately got back on the "program" after dinner. I also exercised that morning--my cardio circuit. So, I'm pretty proud of myself for getting back on track and not letting this make me feel guilty or turn into a binge.
I weighed and measured this morning and I am right where I was on Sunday morning. The thing that does "get" to me, is that I could have been so much farther along had I not "cheated".

I made the comment below in my last post about "junk". Carlos made some observations I hadn't thought about before: My thoughts on what he had to say are in caps.

"First off, we need to simplify our lives. Get rid of the junk in our lives that doesn't work--in my mind this means relationships too. People don't "get" what we are doing. They drag us down and try to get us off course. We all know which people in our circles suck the life out of us. Eventually these people fade to the background of our lives. So let that happen, cut them loose. We'll make new friends. We need to be around people that support and are INTERESTED in what we are doing...just like Lynda said in her post yesterday. We Shredders fill the bill for each other. "

CDJ: First lets understand relationships. OKAre we REALLY having a relationship? HMMMM.....

CDJ:Are you relating with someone else? Or are you merely interacting?? DEPENDS ON WHO IT IS.....


CDJ: Are they not interested in your highest good? NOT ALWAYS!!!



CDJ: They could be AUTOMATICALLY disqualifying themselves from any meaningful relationship with you. Think about that.

SK: People don't "get" what we are doing. They drag us down and try to get us off course. We all know which people in our circles suck the life out of us.

CDJ: Once they "define" themselves you don't have to let that happen!

SK: Eventually these people fade to the background of our lives. So let that happen, cut them loose.

CDJ: I submit to you that you won't have to cut them loose, they will separate themselves from you as they define who they are !


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who Caved to Trick or Treats????

Picture of me, ( of course!) and my front porch last night.

Hmmmmm.......did you? I am proud to report that I DID NOT!!!! I also weighed in this morning and I am down 1.5 lbs since Tuesday. My body fat is down 1% on my calipers which brings it to around 36.7 or so. I haven't checked the chart. Woohoo! Go Baby!

Just as I predicted, my ass is sore. My inner thighs and butt all the way up to my lower back are yelling at me today. I did a few stretches this morning and it felt so goooooood! I missed my workout this morning. Had to take my son to a Doctor appointment and we had to leave at 6:00 am. I will do it tonite when I get home.

EATING: Right on track. Sticking to within my calorie range that Carlos and I figured. Lots of chicken, fish, veggies, fruit, and whole grains. YUM... :)

Today will be my strength training and I am looking forward to doing it tonight. Hopefully there won't be any little mouse surprises waiting me!

Tomorrow is my Birthday. :) I will be 51. That is a fact that is really disturbing to me. I feel like I'm 25 in my head. It's hard to reconcile what I see in the mirror with what I feel. I am happy that I am a fun, young thinking "girl". Life would be so sad if I just let myself "go". So many women my age just think, "Okay, I'm 50--time to pig out and go to pot!" There are even women in their 40's that have this attitude. NOT ME!!! I will be striving to be my best for the rest of my life. I WILL attain my goal and then reach even higher for new goals.

Carlos and I talked a bit about motivation on Thursday afternoon. How do we stay motivated? First off, we need to simplify our lives. Get rid of the junk in our lives that doesn't work--in my mind this means relationships too. People don't "get" what we are doing. They drag us down and try to get us off course. We all know which people in our circles suck the life out of us. Eventually these people fade to the background of our lives. So let that happen, cut them loose. We'll make new friends. We need to be around people that support and are INTERESTED in what we are doing...just like Lynda said in her post yesterday. We Shredders fill the bill for each other.

When our motivation starts slipping we need to reexamine what our motivators are. Maybe what motivated us 6 months ago is not what motivates us now. I think it's a good idea to revise goals, PPA's, and PRW's on a daily basis. These things need to be in front of us every single day. Maybe you think I'm nuts...but if your motivation is slipping 2 weeks into your plan, then something is not working and you need to find it--fast!!

I do not have internet access in my little rural town. So....that means that I will not be able to post again until Tuesday morning. But no worries...that doesn't mean I won't be eating right and doing my workouts! Sunday is my rest day anyway, so I will only really be missing Monday. I wish you all could be here with me tomorrow for a birthday party! :)