Tuesday, October 21, 2008


To the Shredder women who visited and gave me such encouragement. I really have had a setback. It sucks. I hate when I let myself go--and I mean that by not doing what I'm supposed to do--mainly not eating right. I exercise, but the eating thing has got me crazy. Low carb, High carb, raw, low cal, GEEZ!!!!!

I really am kinda stuck on what to do next. It's not like I eat crap all day long. I have a problem on weekends--like everyone else. Today I had: Breakfast...4 eggwhites, oatmeal and berries. Lunch: chicken breast, salad, and green beans. I have an apple and a string cheese stick for a snack this afternoon. Tonight will be Turkey and veggies. Nothing wrong with that. Now if I can just do it again tomorrow. One foot in front of the other.

They say eating is 80% (whatever) of the program. So if you can get your eating plan down pat, the rest should pretty much fall into place. I believe that. I work out just about every day, except for now and then--like the last two weeks w/my back. (which feels great now, thankyou!) My eating is not good. So that is my "project" for the next few weeks--to get me back on track.

BTW...heard from the Marine...he's okay and he loves me! Woohoo! made my day. I love my kid. He's such a wonderful person. I wish more kids were like him.


Anonymous said...

As long as you never give up you have not failed! You know what to do, now do it!! well, it's not that easy, but it can be. just decide that enough is enough!we have to set it in our minds that this is what we are going to do and don't let anything stop you from doing it! Keep pressing on, Shari!

Ron said...

As long as you've got your goals clear, you'll get there! It's just a matter of doing those things that get your there, everyday, consistently, as you say, one foot in front of the other.

Good luck on your renewed mission!

Marbella said...

Such a good blog from you today, and you can believe that we have all been right there too. I personally think the whole trick is to find something that goes with you and your body. Something that you can eat, have energy, and not be craved out all the time. (I have found that raw eating is doing that for me at the moment).

When you decide, then buy lots of that, and NOTHING of the other. I still can´t go into a bar (not THAT kind), and want a cafĂ© and croissant. So, I don´t go in. You´ll do just fine. Things haven´t been easy for you, so roll and come out on top. Glad your marine loves you! And remember that we do too!

Marbella said...

Forgot to mention, that I just read that all fat around the middle (and don´t I know!) is from eating sugar mainly. Remember that when you next eat some and just see if you feel fatter there. Good place to start with a new WOE.

juli gets happy said...

Great you are back and focus on your goals. It is all waht matters...and, of course that your marine is well and loves you.

Hugs, Juli

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your "project" Shari! I'm happy that you heard from your son and that everything is ok.