Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thank you so much!

Craft Show pics....

Everyone that left a comment yesterday had some really nice things to say. Ron actually said something that I had not thought of: Stress affecting my back. All the late nights bent over a sewing machine or table making candles probably took it's toll.

Thank you so much for the warm hugs via the "net" for my son. I am trying to come to grips with his "vocation" of choice. I admire him for his patriotism and willingness to do his part. Not many kids his age (19) have a global view, much less a view outside of themselves.

I am wanting to get back to working out. I feel like a slug. I've done 2 days of Pilates this week and one short 20 min. walk. Back is still tender and need to be careful. I'm such a crybaby....I have had Dougal on my mind all week as I whine and cry about my little ouchie. are welcome to kick me in the ass. LOl!!!


juli gets happy said...

...mhhhh...I like the pics, nice things!

Maybe a "daily-20-minute-walk-goal" is achievable for you for the next week?

I am pryaing for you and you son,


Marbella said...

If you are a slug, then I wanna be one with you! We´ll crawl around together and get thru all this. You need to get your back going well, then you can do anything. Glad to see that you too are worrying about Dougal. Isn´t he just the bravest one? Thanx for blogging again so we can see how you´re doing!
Lynda said...

Hi Shari,

You're not a crybaby. Take care of your back first! Back injuries can be serious. Maybe a massage? I use ANY excuse for a massage - hangnail, blister booboo. LOL.

p.s. Am thinking about your son and saying a prayer for all the soldiers.