Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Some fun news

He's called: Freezin' my bells off! I made him for my craft show on Oct. 11th.

I measured myself today for the first time in about a month! I have lost 2 inches on my waist, 1/2 on butt, 2 in on chest and 3/4 on my thighs. PLUS I'm down 1/2 lb more! So that's over 5 inches and 5.5 lbs in one month. Woo hoo!

Here's a little tidbit I read in an article: 25 Love facts.
#9. Brain scans show that people who view photos of a beloved experience an activation of the caudate — the part of the brain involving cravings.
No wonder I'm so freakin' fat! If I would just quit looking at my hubbies pic on my desk...these pesky cravings would go away!

I have been so busy with my craft show...I am swamped! I'm sorry if I haven't been commenting so much on everyone's blog. I AM visiting, just busy. You all mean so much to me, and I can't imagine a day without any of you!

Visit my craft blog and you can see what I've been making....
Cranapple Christmas


BITRCountryGirl said...

How does one go about aquiring a "freezing my bells off?" He's super cute! Congrats on ALL the losses!

Marbella said...

Darling site today. Will run over and look at the cute firemen...ooops, I mean snowmen. I know you are busy with the crafts, but you just MUST get your behind out there and walk some. See how good you´re doing! All due to your walking :-)

BITRCountryGirl said...

Just wanted to drop by and say that I tagged you for a meme over on my new blog.

Debbie said...

Your craft is too cute. Hope you sell lots of them.

Congrats on losing weight & inches!!

juli gets happy said...

You are an artist, this little, snow-man is so cute, I am holding tthumbs that all your art-works find nice homes and you roll home with tons of $$$.

Congratulations to your shredding-results. Isn't walking cool!!!