Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm still here!

Okay....the craft show is over and so is the mad rush to finish projects. I am so glad to be done with that! It was fun, it was hard work, and I made a few bucks.

I am getting over a back thing...I'm not calling it an injury, because I didn't "injure" myself. I just woke up last Monday and could barely walk, stand up straight, or turn to the side. I'm better now, but still have tender spots when I turn to the side. Have not exercised in a week. Just couldn't bear to do anything. Today I did some pilates, and I felt pretty good. I'm gonna try the treadmill tomorrow. I have really missed working out. I never thought I would hear myself say that! I was able to keep the weight off this week, so that's good. Normally I would have used it for an excuse to pig out.

I got some really sad news (sad to me) today. I've known for awhile that my son was going to Iraq in Oct., but we just heard last week that he's going to Afghanistan instead. That bothered me, but okay....let's get it over with. TODAY...as soon as I walked in the door to work, I found out his orders have changed, and he's off to Afghanistan NOW, TODAY. I am so upset, and have been like a cry baby all day. I didn't even get to say goodbye or tell him I love him. I don't know how long he'll be out of touch, but do me a favor....keep him in your prayers.


Buffedstuff said...

Hey, I will be praying for your son. Sorry to hear about your back, but happy to hear you did okay at the craft show. Now take good care of you.

Ron said...

Could it be stress built up over a few weeks? Anyway, hope you'll heal completely soon. The rest should energise you to exercise harder. :)

I'll say a prayer for your son too.

Marbella said...

Dang it to heck and back Shari! How can they do that? Be so uncaring? I agree that it´s a good day to cry and rave, and makes me want to do it too. Know that am sending you a hug, and my shoulder to cry on. Wish it could all be different. Will think of you and of him, and you can be sure that will light a candle for his safety. Take care. Hope you get better soon. You are the BEST!

juli gets happy said...

He is in my prayers as you are. we are here for you. Love,


Margaret2007 said...

Dear fellow mother of a soldier,

My son is going off again in November and I know EXACTLY what you mean...I was just driving in the car thinking about how it felt to hug him when they just visited. He will become a father while he is gone this time...His wife is due the end of February...These dear boys of ours. How do we do it? How do we manage to get through each day thinking of the danger that they will face? the loneliness??

I can only make it with prayer and I will certainly add your boy to my list. As unbelievable as it sounds, God loves our boys even more than we do!

May I know his first name to personalize my prayer? My son's name is Ben.

I continue to pray for peace in this crazy world too...Cry as you need to...but we must keep praying.

A BIG hug,