Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 4 Shredder Challenge

Me about 1/2 hour after my workout this morning. What a nice outfit! LOL!! I love that T-shirt. It's my favorite workout shirt. It's my husbands and he laughs at me every time he sees me wearing it.

You people will NEVER believe what happened to me yesterday! I spent a WHOLE HOUR talking with Mr. Carlos DeJesus on the phone! WOOHOO!!! Coolest thing that has happened to me in a while. He is such a big sweetie. I told him that and he said, "Well...I've been called worse!" LOL!!

We talked about a ton of stuff. One of his first questions was "Did I have a plan for the Shred?" Ummmm.....NO. Well..kinda. Great answer, right!? Well, I've got one now, thanks to Carlos! Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction.

He asked me what has been standing in my way of reaching my goals. The only thing standing in my way is ME! plus the fact that I have reached information saturation/overload. Have you ever felt crippled by the inability to make a decision? I just couldn't DO anything. Well Carlos told me to concentrate on 3 things.

1. Cardio
2. Weights
3. Calorie management

That's it. Nothing else. We figured my calorie limits, developed a cardio and weight plan. I am ready, I am going forward and forgetting everything else that I have read or learned. I am letting the Pro help me.

We also talked about "unfinished business". He says we all have it...if we had a childhood, we have it! Most people need to figure out what that is and resolve it so they can move on with their lives. It's funny that he would say that to me. I just resolved a HUGE issue I have had for over 33 years between me and my best friend in high school. I cannot tell you what a load that was. Now it's gone and I don't have to worry about it any longer.

He was telling me about a conversation he had with Adam about PRW's and PPA's(powerful personal affirmations) We all have written them, but what happens if they are challenged. What do we do? I know I usually cave into what's triggering me. Carlos says we need to "learn to think when we dont' know what to do". We need to slow down our thinking, grab some water, and don't allow compromise. We need to take care not to undo all the good we've done all day. This is one thing I have a huge problem with. I eat right all day and then at the last minute I'll eat something stupid. Chocolate usually. We need to challenge our fear and doubt--basically kick it's butt ( my words, LOL!)

Another thing we need to do to succeed is to find out "what the competition is up to and then DO what THEY are not willing to do." He told me a story about a competition he was in and someone asked him what he ate--"Tuna" The guy said, "NO..everyone eats tuna, what did you eat?" Carlos said, "Tuna...Tuna for breakfast, tuna for lunch, and tuna for dinner." This is one example of doing what the competition is not willing to do.

Carlos had some great stories and I listened well and took notes! I didn't want to miss a thing!


Margaret2007 said...

WONDERFUL post Shari!!! I've got the dreaded treats in my office and broke them open for a couple of friends...Honestly, it was all I could do NOT to dig into them too! I'm reading blogs to get my mind better focused on doing what's right! So thanks to you, and others, I'm out of that stinkin' thinkin' for the moment!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Shari, that is super awesome! lots of good info he gave you there! such a blessing to have him help so many shredders!

Marbella said...

Great Dirty Dog! You just talked with CARLOS? I cannot believe that you did that and how awesome that is. There is NO better guy in this world. So proud of you for taking that step and I KNOW FOR SURE that your life is much better for it. Hotdog! Now you have a mentor that knows what he´s doing, cares about how you do it, and will help. I know. He gave me attention too, but alas, I haven´t begun with it. I must have a mental block against weights...I need to switch things up and begin.

So pleased for you for getting on the Carlos Road. Now you can do it. Now you´ll be Super Skinny Shari in no time.


juli gets happy said...

Shari, I knew it before: You rock! Just get what is yours!

I like your outfit, I also love to wear my partners clothes, he laughs a bou it as well!

Rock on!!!


Debbie said...

Shari, I just had to stop by after all the buzz on the blogs about you talking with Carlos. Sounds like you're on your way to some serious shredding! said...

Awesome news Shari! Carlos has helped me SO much! Wish I had contacted him sooner.

Mike Groom said...

Great post Shari! It is certainly awesome to hear Carlos impart his wisdom and knowledge.

Buffedstuff said...

Carlos, sounds like a man after my own heart, he has given you the foundation to make it happen. Get your shred on;)

Ron said...

Looks like you are all set! You've got the diet, the training, the mindset, and words from a great coach!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Man, the more I hear about Carlos the more I agree with him. There is so much Truth in his advice. I think it's awesome what you're doing. And great job settling up with your best friend. Unfinished business weighs on the heart, soul, and body in so many ways. It does wonders! What great advice.