Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Progress, finally.......

I absolutely LOVED the responses I got from my last post! I learned so much about several of the Shredders! Ron said he doesn't wear his glasses when he goes out so he won't look nerdy! Juli likes hugs, Lynda speaks Spanish w/ a Texas Twang! Suzette has a BA in Psych, and Jamie hates swiss cheese! How funny! I just love learning little bits and pieces from all of you.

I have really knuckled down and I'm eating right, working out like I should. I have been slacking on the walking thing, but I plan a walk tonight if there's no rain. I will NEVER be one of those people that walk/run in rain or snow! No thank you!

My pants are a little looser, which is fabulous! That means progress. I even tried on a jacket I bought 3 months was a tad tight in the waist and chest. It fits now. I have only lost 4.5 lbs but that 4.5 lbs made a HUGE difference to me. I am on a downhill slide now! My goal of a size 10 by Dec. 31, looks reachable. I am just about OUT of a size 16 pants.

I was thinking about my PRW again last night. One thing that I fantasize about is having my hubby spontaneously just sweep me off my feet--literally--pick me up in his arms. This is really hard for me to say....I weigh just about 10 lbs less than him...but he's 6'3"--I'm 5'2. NOT good. Wow! That was hard to say. I will hit that goal New Year's Eve. I will also be wearing a size 10 pair of jeans when he does it!

Don't forget to revisit your PRW's.


juli gets happy said...

Shari, you will hit the goal, you will make it. I can't wait to hear the story how it was for you when your hubby picked you up and swirled you around...pleeeeaaaase post a video how he does it!


Marbella said...

Hi Shari,
Am loving all the comments you post along the way. Dougal´s was especially funny tonite. Of course you will get to a size 10! I will try and make it together with you. Would ADORE being in a size 10, so we´ll work on that as a Christmas present to ourselves. Your last blog was a real fun one. Loved all the info that was listed. Glad you are doing well with your eating and WOs...good going!

Jamie said...

You'll hit your goal Shari! I went and did some clothes shopping yesterday and I found that I am FINALLY in a size 10 and I started in a size 14 in March!