Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

I just read Dougal's blog. I have been crying for about 10 minutes. My boss thinks I'm nuts--or maybe hormonal. LOL!! Pay Dougal a visit today. His blog is on my right hand side bar.

Lynda did her walk on Sunday, and made it to the end! She said people cheered when they entered the stadium! Just like the Olympics! You go girl!

I did my upper body today. Lots of biceps, shoulder lifts, pushups, chest presses, etc. Shoulders are a tad sore. They are definitely my weak link.

I bought a sectional for my living room on Saturday. My hubbie and I went to pick it up on Sunday in our old "Bronze Bertha". She's a 1971 Dodge long bed pick up. I swear! That truck is like a Timex...just keeps on ticking. Anyhoo...Mike and Bill (the man we bought it from) loaded up all four pieces on the truck. Mike strapped it down and off we went. It was like a scene from "The Grapes of Wrath"! When we got home it was threatening rain, so we had to hurry and unload. The corner piece we brought up the stairs ( I live upstairs--21 steps!) with no problem. Mike brought up the chair and recliner all by himself...he just lifted it up over his head and up he went. BUT THEN....the couch, which is a hide-a-bed, was next. We stopped for a minute so Mike could have a beer break! LOL!! After a bit he asked me if I was ready. I said " can't yell at me, or get irritated with me if I can't do this." He said he wouldn't--we had another furniture moving experience that just wasn't fun--I'm sure he remembered that fiasco! Any way...he edged it off the truck so I could grab it. Okay...not so heavy. I can do this! As we went up the steps, I was about 5 steps up...Mike kinda pushed the couch and it knocked me flat on my butt with the couch in my lap. I started to laugh so hard that I couldn't lift it back up! It scared Mike. He thought he had hurt me. He ran next door to get Jerry. They came back and rescued me from under the couch and carried it all the way up! I was so proud of Mike for being so patient... I have no idea what we're gonna do when we move! I guess the same thing we did when we moved in....we took the railing off the deck and used a fork lift and crane to lift it all up!

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Marbella said...

So funny Shari! Can imagine you (as would I have been), flat out with that couch smashing you. So nice to make things happy when they might have been cause for a *discussion*. Hope you are happy with it once you got it home. Sometimes they just don´t do as well as in the store....proud of you with your exercises. Doing good!
I also blogged about Dougal and his blog today. Wasn´t that just the most powerful thing you have ever read? Don´t think will ever forget it. Can see we both felt the same about it.