Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Everything's just peachy!

I've been sewing and crafting like a crazy woman for a craft show in two weeks, plus our little office opened up 4 escrows this week. Even with all the stock market and economy crap floating around, real estate still plugs away.

I've worked out and been eating right. My weight is again stuck, but it just doesn't freak me out anymore. I'll drop when my body lets me drop again. :)

Hoping you all are doing what you're SUPPOSED to be doing! Consider me your little conscience tugging at you! Do it, do it right! Don't procrastinate!


Jamie said...

Plateau's SUCK! Glad that everything else is going just peachy for you!

juli gets happy said...

Great how you manage everything.


Marbella said...

Hey, was wondering how you are....glad to see a new blog and that all goes well. Am plugging along too, up one lb one day and down the next. To heck with weight loss. Let´s just live it up and try our best! Good luck at the craft fair!