Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yay!! Got my Nike+ Armband!

I'm so excited. Now I can join the girls, (sinced the boys wussed out!) walking in the Nike+ Challenge that Lilla set up.

I successfully made it thru yesterday without eating junk or chocolate! After 3 days of eating right, I usually don't crave the chocolate anymore. So that's my goal this weekend--eat right for two more days. Then we'll move on to bigger and better things. I tell ya...I could hear Chocolate calling my name last night. It was a real mental struggle to not answer the call! My truck just about turned into the convenience store all by itself! I had to actually say out loud, "NO, you are NOT going in there!" LOL!!!

I have decided that I will be doing most of my walking outside on the track at the highschool. I'll get some air, and it won't be as boring as walking in my basement on the treadmill. Besides...the track is only 1 block away--I can see it from my house. I have to figure out how to get this chip/armband ready to use, so my next stop is

I've been working on my craft blog and have seen a rise in visitors--that's nice. I love having a creative outlet. I sew, make candles and potpourri, and make dolls. I craft in the "prim" style, meaning primitive. I love antique looking dolls, teddy bears and items for the home. We are all so focused on our health and fitness, but to be a rounded person, we need to do outside activities. I hope you all are doing something fun and creative!!


juli gets happy said...

Yes, Shari, I fully agree, we need to live our cretaivity to be fully, rounded, complete.

Great that you can join the NIKE-Challenge now as well, go for it!

Enjoy your weekend.


Buffedstuff said...

Shari, that picture of the titanic and the ice cube is hilarious, thanks for the smile.

divamentors said...

Hi Shari I know of a healthy chocolate that is actually recommended for health conscious people.

Anyway I digress! You've got an amazing blog with a ton of great info. I would love it if you would pop over to the Be Naturally Well community and leave your link so my readers can find you. Forums will be up and running soon.

Link here
Keep on inspiring!
Many Blessings,

Marbella said...

Glad you got your NIKE+ stuff. Did you sign up for AUGUST MELTDOWN? There´s where the action is now. The men just didn´t show! I love crafts too...have made dolls and quilts. No time now tho.

On the HomeStretch said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!! I am a member of Iowa Ave and found your link there. I am going to read more of your posts now!
Have a wonderful day!
Julie Davidson