Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I was so excited to come to work this morning so I could download my walk for the Challenge. I stuck the little thingy into the port and watched it do it's thing, BUT there was nothing to download! WTF! Now I KNOW it recorded. I saw it. I know it did! I am so dissappointed. If anyone can enlighten me as to why this happened, I would appreciate it!

As for eating clean...I had a REALLY great weekend! I am proud to report--NO CHOCOLATE! Woohoo! I drank my water, I ate right, and I exercised.

I know you people watch informercials. C'mon! I KNOW you do. I do! -- but I only watch the fitness ones--like for Beachbody, etc. NOT the ones for the gadgets. I just ordered Barry's Boot Camp. It looked interesting and fun. It's built on intervals. You workout like crazy for 1 minute, then you rest--but it's an active rest. For example...you do bicep curls for one minute (with tubing) then you do burpees ( you know..squat, kick your legs out behind and back, then jump up)for one minute. The whole workout is about 21 minutes. I got my order yesterday and did the first workout this morning. I was sweating so much and my heart rate was nice and high (but in my zone, of course!) You alternate between uppper and lower body--today was upper. There are also 12 minute workouts for your "trouble zones" ie; abs, thighs, butt. The equipment was solid and the workout kicks butt. I think I'm gonna like this. PLUS...it will grow with me as my strength and fitnesss level improves.

I took a new pic, but forgot to bring the disk to work. I took my measurements, and body fat. Will post tomorrow.


Suzette said...

good job on good eating this weekend.
can't help you with the nike+ thingy. don't know anything about it. hopefullly someone can offer assistance.
sounds like a good program...change is good!
keep going strong...believe!

Buffedstuff said...

It takes awhile before it shows up.
Sometimes up to 24 hours. It should be there tomorrow. My first run didn't show up until the next day. I felt the same way lol. If you have further problems Nike does have a forum.

Marbella said...

I gave you lots of info last night, and now see it´s not there. Another mess that didn´t get posted. Bummerz.