Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Wednesday! Hump Day!

I got the invitation to join the Sept. Nike+ Challenge from Lilla this morning. I'm gonna have to try out my new sensor and make sure it works! I'm sure it will...what are the odds of receiving two defective sensors??

My new running shoes fit well and feel really good. They are uglier than sin, but as I told you before...they were only 24.95! Discontinued model--probably because they were so Fugly, no one wanted to wear them. I SWEAR they glow in the dark!

Did my upper body today. My shoulder muscles--the ones down the side of your neck--are those the Traps??? Anyway...they feel really tight. Any ideas for loosening them up a bit. Also, I noticed that my shoulders tend to slump forward, probably because I sit at a computer all day at work. How can you fix that? Is is a chest thing or a back thing?

I got the best book! It is written by Alissa Cohen, and it's all about Raw Food. Some of the recipes are to die for, others sound like you'd die eating them! LOL!!
Anyhoo...I got a lot of great info from the book. I am moving more and more towards the Raw way of life. Baby steps to be exact. I do green smoothies in the A.M. some fruit before lunch. Then lunch is usually a salad packed with all kinds of veggies. I am still having some cooked foods for dinner, but even that is losing it's appeal. It's hard to dismiss all the "After" stories of people that have healed themselves of disease, obesity,and aches and pains of all kinds. I read about one woman that went to THIRTY SEV-EN doctors and NONE of them could help her. She finally went to a naturopath who tested her hair. She had LEAD poisoning and was actually on the verge of DEATH. Within a week of Raw eating she was feeling better. Who says that nutrition can't cure your body!?

Bad news.....I found out that my son David may be deployed to Iraq in October. I am NOT happy about that! My son Jacob says that I need to trust God and know that he will be allright. I said, "God may be his father, but I'm his MOTHER! and I don't like it one bit!" I do trust God. I know he will take care of my baby...after all David is his baby too! I hope that didn't sound too weird, but I'm sure you know what I mean!


juli gets happy said...

Shari, I had a frog in my throat when I read about your son going to Iraq, I am German, a young German and we have no connection to "missions" like this due to our country's history. I fully understand you and I will pray for him and you and your family.

Great that you are in the new NIKE+-challenge, I am sure you will enjoy it. Maybe you get bitten by the walking-bug like Lynda.
Well, "ugly shoes" make you run fast, you want to get home soon, ;-)


Marbella said...

Shari, that blog of yours today was soooo cute. Many times I had to snicker at what you said. The one about your shoes being Fugly was priceless. Glad you´re in the get out there and practice with all your gear. My shoes are tacky as sin too, now misshapen, dirty from the trail, and am going to have to buy more soon. After the 10K will work on that.
So sorry about your son. Hate he might go. Dang it! When will all this stop? We´ll all be there with you lighting candles and talking to our saints and angels to watch over him. They will you know.
Wish I could help you with those muscle questions, but am not sure about any of that. Means you are doing something good tho. Keep it going!
Hugs...don´t worry. Walk for stress.
ps. WooHoo about the raw eating!We´ll talk more about that....

Debbie said...

Shari, so glad to hear that raw is working for you. I too have read some stories about how people have turned their life around using raw. It's said that cancer can't survive in an alkaline environment.

So sorry to hear about your son. Hopefully he won't be deployed there.

Jamie said...

Hey Shari! It's Jamie. It's been awhile...dang computer crashed and lost pretty much everything I had on it. Sorry to hear about your son. My "other little brother" is being deployed to Iraq too. I think he said he'll be in Kuwait for awhile and around Christmas time his unit will be sent to Iraq. I'm back on the wagon to shed some of my extra poundage! My goal is 20-25 pounds by my 25th birthday in February.

Suzette said...

Shari, do know that God will be watching over your son. will keep you all in our prayers.
good on you with all the other shredder news(shoes, raw food). i can't really help with the muscle issue either. I am thinking the slump might have something to do with core muscles. just my guess.
stay positive!

Marbella said...

Wanted to mention that there are tons of challenges on NIKE+, and the ones I especially like are the ones that include only women. Many of those are starting up in a few days, and most have women 50+ or so. Some are walking only, but the runners are about our speed anyway. If you are interested, will let you know where to go. I just won one lately that was for walkers only, but a mixed one.

Hope all´s going well. Have you gotten your sensor fixed?

Margaret2007 said...

Had to pop in after reading your submission Shari...My DS1 returned from Iraq last November and is slated to go again November of this year...Yep, the best we can do is pray and you are SPOT ON indicating that our Father loves our sons EVEN MORE than we do! In some ways, the time Ben was there the first time were milestones of spiritual growth for Ben, me and the rest of the family!

The day he returned, I noticed a lightness of my heart that I hadn't even anticipated!

Hang in there sister! Enjoy all the happy times and we'll continue praying during the challenging times. My workouts really helped keep the emotions/anxiety at bay also. Cry when you need to, and don't give a second thought of what others think! All releases: crying, workouts, prayer!

I've gone on long enough!!!!!!!