Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I hurt my F-ing foot.....

I was just doing my band exercises--bicep curls I think. I moved my foot to get a better stance and got a sharp pain across the top of my foot. I thought--hmmmm....what's up with that???? There's no swelling or bruising, but it hurts like hell. I was able to finish my workout and I've been able to walk. I just need to be careful making lateral movements.

I have been SO on the verge of just chucking all this fitness stuff. Then I go on all y'all's blogs and I am re-motivated. I know that I feel so much better when I workout. The aches and pains of aging are minimized and my energy is so much better. BESIDES...I like myself so much better! Don't you??? Doesn't fitness make your life better?! Leave a comment telling me how fitness has affected your life.


Margaret2007 said...

For me, fitness enables me to be ready, willing and ABLE to fully participate in whatever life throws at me! Whether it be a physical challenge or an emotional one...I am ready with a clear mind and a strong body to say "I'm In!"

Even more importantly, I'm ready to help others when I am keeping myself in the best condition I can...I don't know how I could live the life I live now if workouts and healthy nutrition weren't a part of my life!

I sure hope your F-ing foot feels better Shari!


dougal said...

Shari, you want a comment about how fitness has affected my life. If it wasn't for fitness I would be DEAD. The neurosurgeon said that if it wasn't for my upper body strength I would not have survived my accident. Don't ever think it's not worth it. Even if you struggle from time to time you NEVER know when you're going to need it. DON'T GIVE UP GIRL..DON'T

Shari Kraft said...

Dougal!!! I was hoping you would show up and share! Woohoo! You made my day. I love you, man!

If you are a new reader....go to Dougal's blog. Be prepared to be blown away!

Marbella said...

Hey, both MARGARET and DOUGAL with great comments. Both make so much sense...see there Shari? For me fitness and walking and weights (when I begin again) make you feel good and happy with yourself. If you look better, super. If you have better health because of it, great. In fact, you really can´t lose. Win, win. Keep it going. Remember, we FIT AT FIFTY have to stick together....

Shari Kraft said...

Yes we do! I guess I'm just bored! I get that way quite often! LOL!!!

Buffedstuff said...

Shari, sorry to hear about your foot, I hope it heals rapidly. Now to answer your question. Fitness, really has given me a new life, I went from pre diabetic with a myriad of health problems to and energetic old fart with a new agenda.

Were there times that I have felt like walking away from it all? you bet ya but I want because I refuse to give up on myself.....hey you don't you dare give up on you, you are so worth making your dream a reality.

Tillie said...

My problem is there is no time. Working from a 11 hour job all day and going home I'm too tired to exercise. It's just easier to wind down and relax. I'm trying to every other day - it's what I can do to stay on but I only do simple exercise - not sweat, hard core except weekends when I do have the time. But keep it up but put too hard cause pain from your foot could be serious. It could be a nerve pain from your back - and believe me it hurts if its not attended. here is some info about pain from top of foot :

Ruthie said...

I had every ache and pain i can feet were a HUGE issue for me.. 500.00 orthodics, couldnt walk a mile without them hurting,my gut hurt when i rolled over at night cause of my c-section scaring and the weight on my belly, i had NO energy, negative attitude, I had back problems, sleeping problems, tummy problems, low self esteem, I hated the way i felt and looked. I could go on and on..
loosing my exess weight has brought relief I can run 13 miles without my feet hurting, I can wear 4 inch heals! I no longer wear othodics (arch supports)which saves me tons of money in dr appointments etc. my scar tissue pains have disappeared, I have tons of energy most of the time unless i stay up too late talking to my friend in china :)
I can not tell you how its changed me... I havent felt this good since i was a kid! SERIOUSLY.. getting older doesnt mean we are automatically going to have aches and pains.. getting older shouldnt hurt.
as i see it.. its all about choosing what to do when..
I could have chosen 2 years ago to do nothing and suffer in my bodily ills and mental exhaustion, OR
I could chose to try and change it.

either way its work.

I chose health, fitness, and energy
over the work of
dr bills, tylenol, sleeping aids, and tums :)

have to pay either way..
why not take control of the health .. and spend all that money you would have used seeing a cure to buy new (smaller) clothes :)
its way more fun!

good luck
hope your foot is better by now..
dont let it get you down