Friday, August 29, 2008


Man...I'm pooped! Are you? This has been a whirlwind week for me. We have been busy at work, I've been making candles and dolls for my website, PLUS working out, and eating right!

I am so excited....I weighed my self this morning for the first time in like 2 months! I absolutely hate the scale--it's a LIAR!! But just for giggles, I thought I'd weigh. I am down 4.5 lbs! That excited me so much, I took some measurements...I am down little increments all over my body. Woohoo! My body is FINALLY letting loose again! It must be due to my new way of eating and exercising plan. I am so happy. I was really getting down, because NOTHING seemed to work.

Today was lower body and abs. I am having so much fun with this Barry's Bootcamp series. It's hard, but not so hard that I can't DO it. I have to modify a couple of exercises, but not many.

I am ready to start the new Walking Challenge with Lilla, Lynda, et al. My shoes are ready, my sensor WORKS... DUH. Nothing can stop me this time! It starts on Sept. 1.--which is also the same day I am having my drawing on my Cranapple Christmas blog. So if you want to enter, you need to get a move on...only two more days!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Wednesday! Hump Day!

I got the invitation to join the Sept. Nike+ Challenge from Lilla this morning. I'm gonna have to try out my new sensor and make sure it works! I'm sure it will...what are the odds of receiving two defective sensors??

My new running shoes fit well and feel really good. They are uglier than sin, but as I told you before...they were only 24.95! Discontinued model--probably because they were so Fugly, no one wanted to wear them. I SWEAR they glow in the dark!

Did my upper body today. My shoulder muscles--the ones down the side of your neck--are those the Traps??? Anyway...they feel really tight. Any ideas for loosening them up a bit. Also, I noticed that my shoulders tend to slump forward, probably because I sit at a computer all day at work. How can you fix that? Is is a chest thing or a back thing?

I got the best book! It is written by Alissa Cohen, and it's all about Raw Food. Some of the recipes are to die for, others sound like you'd die eating them! LOL!!
Anyhoo...I got a lot of great info from the book. I am moving more and more towards the Raw way of life. Baby steps to be exact. I do green smoothies in the A.M. some fruit before lunch. Then lunch is usually a salad packed with all kinds of veggies. I am still having some cooked foods for dinner, but even that is losing it's appeal. It's hard to dismiss all the "After" stories of people that have healed themselves of disease, obesity,and aches and pains of all kinds. I read about one woman that went to THIRTY SEV-EN doctors and NONE of them could help her. She finally went to a naturopath who tested her hair. She had LEAD poisoning and was actually on the verge of DEATH. Within a week of Raw eating she was feeling better. Who says that nutrition can't cure your body!?

Bad news.....I found out that my son David may be deployed to Iraq in October. I am NOT happy about that! My son Jacob says that I need to trust God and know that he will be allright. I said, "God may be his father, but I'm his MOTHER! and I don't like it one bit!" I do trust God. I know he will take care of my baby...after all David is his baby too! I hope that didn't sound too weird, but I'm sure you know what I mean!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello! Everyone!

The portrait above was painted by my son Jacob for his finals at art school--University of Georgia. The girl is my brand new daughter in law, Mary Anne.

Today is a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the big fluffy clouds tell me we'll be getting rain soon....something the desert southwest desperately needs. I love this time of year...not too hot, not quite fall. It's good workout weather!

I got up at 5:30 this morning, exercised, ate breakfast, put a crock pot dinner on for tonight, packed my food for the day, showered, got dressed, and and all this by 7:00! What fun! I just had tons of energy this morning and felt great! Been a little draggy for the last two months. I guess I'm over it!

I hope Lynda and Dougal enjoy the little "awards" I sent them! They are two of the most wonderful people. I would have given them out to more of the Shredders, but I figured that Dougal and Lynda would pass them around just fine!

I did my lower body this morning--I just hate those hateful little "flunges"! BUT....they will make my butt look nice! So I just keep on doing them!

I got my new sensor Saturday....Let's hope this one works. Just in time for the September Challenge!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sleepy Time...

Got some great comments to my last post. It seems that exercise is a lifesaver! Some people reported that it has saved their lives (Dougal for one). Others say it has eased health issues. It's just an all round good thing! I grumble, grumble about doing it, but I REALLY wouldn't like to see the alternative!

I sent my little Nike Sensor back to the store I got it from. It just PLAIN DOES NOT work. At first it was me--user error, but it got worse from there! I just got sick of it not recording! Hopefully the one they send me in return will actually work!

I am so excited for Lynda...she's joining the Human Race..finally! LOL!! No, really...She's walking/running in the Nike Human Race 10K. I am so proud that she's doing it. She says that there are 7000 people registered in the Madrid Spain race.

I am struggling onwards with my workouts. I have been having about 2 times a week when I am over sleeping. Not sure what's going on there, but I'm sure it will work itself out. Sleep is a good thing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I hurt my F-ing foot.....

I was just doing my band exercises--bicep curls I think. I moved my foot to get a better stance and got a sharp pain across the top of my foot. I thought--hmmmm....what's up with that???? There's no swelling or bruising, but it hurts like hell. I was able to finish my workout and I've been able to walk. I just need to be careful making lateral movements.

I have been SO on the verge of just chucking all this fitness stuff. Then I go on all y'all's blogs and I am re-motivated. I know that I feel so much better when I workout. The aches and pains of aging are minimized and my energy is so much better. BESIDES...I like myself so much better! Don't you??? Doesn't fitness make your life better?! Leave a comment telling me how fitness has affected your life.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Team Work!

I was thinking...with the Olympics and all....who's on my team? What about you. Do you have a team? Who is PULLING for you to win? Who is motivating you to workout? Eat Right???

Do you tell your family and friends what your goals are? Do they support you?
That means: Do they try to get you to cheat, by making your "favorite" dinner, baking desserts, offering drinks at a party?

How many of your TEAM works out with you? Do they cancel on workout sessions, make excuses?

Here's a rundown of who's on my team:

- my hubbie

- my family

- my friends

- my online support group--that means you..shredders!

As one person striving to reach a goal--that's pretty good.
BUT when you have a team that backs you up…that's makes you GREAT!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I came home last night and had so much creative energy that I was able to design four new dolls for my craft site! I also cut out several little projects and I'm ready to sew and go! My hubby was asleep on the couch when I got home, not sure if that had anything to do with it or not! LOL!!!

I have been adding more and more raw foods into my diet--following Debbie and Lynda's lead. I really just have not been a huge meat eater, and as for dairy products--plain yogurt is about it. I would be perfectly happy eating fruit all day. I have ALWAYS been that way. Too bad I never listened to my body! I have been up until 10:30 for two nights just full of, guys, energy. I just can't seem to find my off switch! I have tons of energy for my workouts AND for all the rest of the things I need to do thru the day! I have lost 2 lbs, and an inch off my waist since last week. Finally...My body is changing again. I felt stuck on pause for about 2 months. I'm a really happy camper right now!

Today was lower body: Lots of flunges, squats, and ball exercises like hamstring curls. I love this Barry's Boot Camp! I also did a "trouble spot" upper body video and abs. About a 50 min workout total. I am going to get a short walk in tonite also--if it doesn't rain again. We are in the middle of our monsoon season and you can never count on walking in the evening....downpours just about every evening. They don't last long, but just long enough to get you interested in something else, and forgetting about your walk!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello! Everyone!

I've been sick. I must have caught a cold on Thurs nite while walking. I got caught in the rain and a cold must have bit me on the butt! Anyway....I am finally feeling better. I have been a total wash in this walking challenge. Sorry ladies. I still have two weeks left to log some miles.

My Boot Camp workouts are rolling along and I'm loving them. A little sore in the shoulders and hips. Lots of flunges and shoulder raises. I'm surprised at how good a workout you can get with the bands. I have 4 different sizes, so I'll be able to move up in tension as I get stronger. I already have to use a heavier band for my chest exercises.

You would all be proud of me....on Friday, my hubbie ordered pizza. I asked him to order a small, thin crust, without cheese and topped w/ veggies for me! THAT was a first! He 'bout fell thru the floor! I am still struggling with keeping on track over the weekends, but this week was a WHOLE LOT better than last weekend! So, I guess that means I'm making progress.

Debbie-Lynda---I got my Fit for Life Book yesterday. I had read it in 1985, but I was about 28 years old and probably not ready to hear his message. To be honest, I didn't remember a THING when I reread it last night! I do remember making my kids a recipe I got from the book. We called them Veggie Burritos, not sure what they are in the book....probably Veggie Burritos...DUH...

We took one tortilla, filled it with sliced cucumbers, some onion, alfalfa sprouts, some salsa, and some cheese. Not sure if the cheese was "according to plan" but my kids LOVED these! I had forgotten them until last night. It brought back lots of memeories.

I didn't realize that the book was about food combining. It was a pretty radical concept in the 80's and it could probably still be said today. Mainstream America is SO not ready for this! Even his ideas on protein fly in the face of what's currently accepted. Personally....I love the idea behind the book, not sure if it's something I would do, at least not yet, but on the other hand...I LOVE the eat fruit until noon concept. I pretty much do that now.

Hope you all have a fabulous day! Don't forget to say your affirmations!

1. I am a strong and sexy woman
2. I am fit and happy with myself
3. I love exercising

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Official!

I'm a dumbass....I went for a wonderful 1.5 mile walk last night. It had just rained and was so nice and cool. I told my hubbie that I had to walk. He suggested I do it outside, down at the high school track--it's not going to be a nicer evening for it. He was right. I got my little armband, sensor, and a bottle of water. Off I go. I activated my armband and walked my little heart out! Or so I thought....

I came in to work this morning and NOTHING recorded. I could NOT believe it. So I re-read the directions. I tell ya...for someone that can be as smart as me....I can be so dumb. I pushed the button 3 times for a second each, then hit it once to record. You are supposed to hold the button for THREE seconds, then once for to record. I wasted a good walk, well....I didn't waste it, I just can't add it to my totals. I am so very far behind, it really sucks. Oh well....let's see if I can get it right tonite!

Yesterday I did so many Flunges....what's a flunge, you I have to tell you? F-ing Lunges. My legs felt like a slinky. Today, not so bad. It was upper body today. We did bicep curls, shoulder raises, chest presses, kind of a flye thing, and a few others. 14 exercies in all--that includes the "active rest" exercises like Mountain Climbers, running in place, etc. I really love this new workout. Next week I will be adding on a 12 minute Trouble Spot series.

It's Official!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


When you have a bad day or are frustrated by your workout...grab one of these little dolls. They are so much fun! The following poem is attached to each Annie doll.

Whenever things don't go so well...
And you want to hit the wall and yell...
Here's a little dammit doll
That you can't do without.
Just grasp it firmly by the legs
And find a place to slam it
And as you whack the stuffing out

If you would like one, I'd be happy to make you one! They are 9.95 each. (ABSOLUTELY shameless plug for my Craft biz!) LOL!!

I am so glad to see that my walk recorded on I was really bummed when it didn't show up immediately. Buffed Stuff told me that it could take 24 hours to show. Thank you Suzette and Marbella for your input. I really appreciate it. Now that I know the thing works, I'm gonna have to do some walking! I am way behind on the Challenge, but that's okay. I'll just do my best!

I did my lower body workout this morning--lots of lunges and squats. Oh was fun. I was sweating buckets when I was done. My energy has really gone up in the last 3 days. I have had NO energy ever since I quit the P90X. I kept doing workouts, but it was like pulling teeth to get out of bed every morning. My body was just rebelling. So far so good on Barry's Boot Camp.

I am eating lots of veggies, proteins in the form of egg whites, cottage cheese, fish, and chicken. I add a couple pieces of fruit, a little brown rice and sweet potatoes. That's pretty much it. Every now and then a WW tortilla or a regular potato. I have dropped the number of diet cokes to about 1 a day (down from 6!) My water consumption has gone up due to that very fact. I have been keeping a bottle on my desk at all times. I buy the 20 oz bottles--that way I only have to drink 3-4 depending on how my body feels. plan is in place, I am executing it, and I feel good about it! I typed up my PRW on a little card and put it in front of me at work. I need to keep my reason why in front of me, so I can remember my goals. It is so easy to just let the everyday drudgery take over. I have a great reason to get fit....ME!! I am so worth it, and so are you! So take control and get a move on!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I was so excited to come to work this morning so I could download my walk for the Challenge. I stuck the little thingy into the port and watched it do it's thing, BUT there was nothing to download! WTF! Now I KNOW it recorded. I saw it. I know it did! I am so dissappointed. If anyone can enlighten me as to why this happened, I would appreciate it!

As for eating clean...I had a REALLY great weekend! I am proud to report--NO CHOCOLATE! Woohoo! I drank my water, I ate right, and I exercised.

I know you people watch informercials. C'mon! I KNOW you do. I do! -- but I only watch the fitness ones--like for Beachbody, etc. NOT the ones for the gadgets. I just ordered Barry's Boot Camp. It looked interesting and fun. It's built on intervals. You workout like crazy for 1 minute, then you rest--but it's an active rest. For do bicep curls for one minute (with tubing) then you do burpees ( you know..squat, kick your legs out behind and back, then jump up)for one minute. The whole workout is about 21 minutes. I got my order yesterday and did the first workout this morning. I was sweating so much and my heart rate was nice and high (but in my zone, of course!) You alternate between uppper and lower body--today was upper. There are also 12 minute workouts for your "trouble zones" ie; abs, thighs, butt. The equipment was solid and the workout kicks butt. I think I'm gonna like this. will grow with me as my strength and fitnesss level improves.

I took a new pic, but forgot to bring the disk to work. I took my measurements, and body fat. Will post tomorrow.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yay!! Got my Nike+ Armband!

I'm so excited. Now I can join the girls, (sinced the boys wussed out!) walking in the Nike+ Challenge that Lilla set up.

I successfully made it thru yesterday without eating junk or chocolate! After 3 days of eating right, I usually don't crave the chocolate anymore. So that's my goal this weekend--eat right for two more days. Then we'll move on to bigger and better things. I tell ya...I could hear Chocolate calling my name last night. It was a real mental struggle to not answer the call! My truck just about turned into the convenience store all by itself! I had to actually say out loud, "NO, you are NOT going in there!" LOL!!!

I have decided that I will be doing most of my walking outside on the track at the highschool. I'll get some air, and it won't be as boring as walking in my basement on the treadmill. Besides...the track is only 1 block away--I can see it from my house. I have to figure out how to get this chip/armband ready to use, so my next stop is

I've been working on my craft blog and have seen a rise in visitors--that's nice. I love having a creative outlet. I sew, make candles and potpourri, and make dolls. I craft in the "prim" style, meaning primitive. I love antique looking dolls, teddy bears and items for the home. We are all so focused on our health and fitness, but to be a rounded person, we need to do outside activities. I hope you all are doing something fun and creative!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Back on the wagon....

Here we go again. I'm getting a grip on my eating plan and beginning anew. I've had a pretty stressful two months. It's over now. I am so glad I had my consultation with Trudy yesterday.

She came in today and asked me how I was doing. We talked about calories and portion sizes today. Again...things I KNOW, but have chosen to ignore.

I got confirmation that my Nike+ armband is on it's way! I also bought a new pair of Avia running shoes. They were $80 shoes and I got them for $24.95--discontinued style. They are butt ugly...but who cares...$24.95 people!!

I am looking forward to walking with the girls--Lilla, Debbie, Juli, Lynda--not sure who else...If I forgot your name, I am really sorry.