Thursday, July 17, 2008

Whoa Baby!

Isn't this a great picture?! Strong athletic women. I will never be an olympic athlete, but I can sure work my little heart out, and be the best I can be! Isn't that the Army slogan??? Yesterday was the Marines, today it's the Army! LOL!! They're such darn good role models!

I was reading somewhere yesterday an article Holly Rigsby of Fit Yummy Mummy wrote about intensity and intervals. She had mentioned that she changes them up quite often. Sometimes she'll do Tabatas, other times treadmill sprints. Instead of 1 min. intervals, she will do 30 sec's, etc. This enables her to run faster for a shorter period and it gets the workout done a whole lot quicker. So this morning, I tried it. I am so glad I did! I really like the 30 sec interval better. It doesn't seem as hard on my little chubette body, but it's a whole lot more intense. I was sweating after the very first 30 seconds! I never thought I would say that running FASTER would be easier--sounds weird. Don't misunderstand WAS NOT an EASY workout, just easier than plodding along at 4.0 for 1 whole min. I was ready to stop at interval #6, but pushed to finish. ( I did 8 intervals) I play a little game in my head. When I jump on the treadmill I decide how many intervals for the day. If I'm doing 6, I say "Okay, only 4 intervals today" Then when I hit #4, I say " more to go, we'll do 5" Then I say "Wow! you are almost done! only 1 more! You're doing great today." It really helps me get thru it. I am not a runner, and this is really hard for me. I can see what the benefits are, because I feel really energized thru the day.

I was posting my workout this morning on ClubFYM and was reading thru some of the other girls workouts. I came upon Belinda's post. HOLY MOLEY!!! She did her regular FYM workout, and then intervals after. Her low was 8.5 and her high was 13.0. THEN...I saw that our Shredder Tea hit 15.2 for her high! That seems almost BIONIC to me! I can't even wrap my mind around that right now! I was so happy that I hit 4.7 for my highs!! I know that eventually my body will adapt and grow. It's like pushups....I could only do 8 with a struggle, and now I can do 25 all in one go, and 100 in 4 sets.

I'm very happy to have found this FYM program. It makes sense to me, and I UNDERSTAND it! It doesn't feel like I'm trying to become a bodybuilder, doing endless sets of exercises that I could care less about--calf raises for one. When you weigh 200 lbs who needs to be working their CALVES? Compound and Body Weight Exercises should be the order of the day. Let's just get the fat off! I like the whole body workouts we are getting w/ FYM. Everyone wants results NOW, but I FEEL different. I know that something is changing.

My two cents for the day: Find what works for you, then do it.

P.S I can do 100 pushups (on my knees) now--in 4 sets of 25 w/1 minute rests. WooHoo!! How's that for meeting a goal??? What about you?

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Awesome pic! I have one on my blog too for motivation!

Michael said...

Great post today!

Buffedstuff said...

so true you have to find what works for you and then do it.

Jonny Childress said...

You're an animal! Way to be. Thanks for checking up on me too :)