Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Went to Phoenix

Okay, the trip to the Valley was FABULOUS!!! I had not seen my friend for 33 years. She looks different, but she's the same. We are both about 50 lbs overweight! LOL!! At least I wasn't the only one! Well....the eating plan I had for myself flew out the window sometime after I left Prescott and made my first pit stop. I have learned that I equate road trips with junk food. I had chips and a diet soda--not TOO horrible, but that was just the beginning! I had Nachos for dinner and a margarita. The next day I had no breakfast, but a hamburger and fries for "brunch". Dinner was pot roast, potatoes, carrots, and a Teensy bit of gravy. THEN.....we had a big girl "slumber party". Me, Glenna, and Yulon (her sister). We rented "The Other Boleyn Sister" and P.S I love you! BOTH great movies. We drank about a bottle of wine each, ate chocolate ice cream, nuts, jerky, who knows what else! We stayed up til 3:00 am. I slept on the couch and got up around 9:00, showered, and got ready to make the trip home. I felt YUCKY! My tummy felt raw, I had some "poopy" issues, and I was dehydrated. I had a headache (still do) from the wine and lack of sleep. I got home around 3:00--had to go grocery shopping. I bought all my stuff for menus I made last week. I am stocked and ready to eat right!

I did my workout this morning, but I was lagging. I felt no strength, hurt my knee--because I did not warm up right. Generally felt yucky. I did not do intervals, did not do my pushups (for my other challenge) I will see how the day goes. I'm hoping that I can do them tonight when I get home. More than likely not--will have to do them tomorrow.

I have learned:

Lack of sleep takes away your drive
Lack of sleep makes you weak
Eating crap does the same thing
Eating crap makes me feel bad about myself

What else I have learned:
My body does not tolerate junk anymore--I have been eating a healthy lifestyle for a couple of years now--only having junk every now and then. Each time I do it, I SWEAR I won't do it again!
I really don't like the junk I ate--I feel yucky
My body thrives on lean meats, veggies, and good carbs
My BRAIN thrives on 8-9 hours of sleep
My body functions well when I eat, sleep and drink what I should
I have a fabulous accountability group here at FYM
I can accept that I've fallen off the wagon, but it is EASY to get back on!

Next trip I will KNOW better. I am not letting anything else get in the way of this challenge! I am glad to be home and back to my schedule.


Debbie said...

Sounds like a fun time while it was happening! The side effects & guilt afterwards unfortunately are not fun!

Glad to see you're back on track and ready to shred.

Shari Kraft said...

You'd have thought I was on a drunken binge! I felt so bad, it was unreal! I didn't get drunk on wine, I got drunk on FOOD!!! LOL!!!!

Michael said...

Don't beat yourself up about it, just learn what was positive and what was negative about it. Results are just results...they can be good or bad...as long as you're learning it doesn't matter which they are. The more you learn the more positive those results become.