Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is a doll I made the week my son's fiancee passed away. Her name is Ashley Angel--named for our sweet Ashley. She died October 29, 2007--21 years old. For some reason I have been thinking about her all day. She's on my craft website.

I did my regular workout yesterday, but decided to do intervals this morning. Even though the intervals are short, they are killer. I actually ran....well.....run is a relative term. LOL!! My run is more like a slow jog. When you are hauling around 50 extra pounds, you don't RUN....you kinda plod along. I am elated. I haven't run for 30 years. I just got to the point where I was walking fast enough, and I needed to up the intensity. My body feels great and I know the length and number of intervals I run will grow as my confidence and body allow them to.

I spent most of Monday reading, planning meals, and workouts. I also read the new Body for Life Champions book. The Body for Life thing has always intrigued me. It was a great motivator and made me realize how committed I need to be to finish my FYM challenge. I have set new goals, wrote new affirmations, and talked to my hubbie about him taking a more active role in helping me achieve my goals. He has always been tall and thin and keeps himself in pretty good shape. I tease him about his 2-pack. His middle isn't as impressive as it used to be! LOL!!

I was doing my Chest Presses on a stability ball yesterday. I decided to use my 20 lb DB's. So I got set up on the ball and pulled the weights to my chest. Then I did a really stupid thing! I lifted my left leg to shift myself on the ball. This gave my body momentum and I rolled over on my right side, crashing into my TV table. It was like slow motion! I remember thinking, "okay, now don't fall on the weight, and don't drop the one in your hand." I tried to just roll with it, so I wouldn't get hurt. I did avoid dropping the weights on my head (or foot, or hand!), but both knees crashed into the stereo and sattelite equipment. I was laughing so hard. I couldn't believe how unbelievably clumsy I was. I've worked on a Ball before, but for whatever reason, I lost my balance. It felt like one of those "don't try this at home" moments. Good thing no one was home to see me being a goober. I have two bruises on my knees. I will be A WHOLE LOT MORE CAREFUL next time! I think the person who said, "No pain, No gain" didn't have this in mind!


~me said...

I like to think that when we have thoughts about the person (who passed) that is their way of letting us know they are around us. I'm thinking maybe that was Ashley's way of letting you know she saw you being a goober on that stability ball yesterday. hehe. Believe you me I have done that more than once on those things.

~me said...

pps my blog is



juli gets happy said...

Shari, I liked your post a lot,..and "look up when..." is something to remember, I will visit your craft-website.

Run hard and enjoy it, ;-)

Shari Kraft said...

Thanks guys. your're awesome.

Buffedstuff said...

train safe, be careful don't damage the merchandise;)

Larry said...

Thanks for sharing all you did. It is healthy that you can laugh at yourself. Just glad you didn't hurt yourself.

dougal said...

How desperately tragic..21 yo, what a loss, I'm so sorry.
What looks good though is your new plan...well done, remember one day at a time.

Rena Reese said...

Hi there Shari,
I wanted to congratulate you on your transformation. Your pictures are so inspiring!
You made me laugh with your "stability ball incident." That reminded me of something that happened to me years ago, only I was not in private, but rather in a crowded gym.
Just wanted you to know I was inspired by you and your success!

Rena Reese
BFL Champ 2004
or page 170 in your CBFL book :+)

Shari Kraft said...

OMG! Rena! I inspire you???? YOU inspire ME! I can't believe you visited my humble little blog! I feel honored. I wanna BE you! I hope you come back and read this!