Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nutrition Tweaking trainer thinks I'm crazy. It must be true. Don't ask why.

We figured out a lot of things today. I've been tired, no energy...not enough protein or water. I've been steadily gaining weight...not eating the right things--too much sugar. Well duh...I knew that. Also not enough cardio. She said I should be doing some cardio every day. She cut down my weight training to two days per week. I told her about the Nike+ Challenge and she thinks it will be good for me. She wants me to aim for 60 miles during the month.

As far as nutrition goes, I am to eat all the veggies I can stuff into my little chubette body. Keep my protein palm sized, and limit carbs to early in the day. I am to eat NOTHING white. One day a week I can have ONE treat. She says we need to give ourselves permission to be human! Pretty much everything she told me, I already knew. I told her that. I also told her that I need her to kick me in the butt. So for that reason...I am to submit my journal to her every Tues.(Tues is my Monday) She trains here where I work, I see her almost everyday. It will be easy to keep myself accountable to her.

She's making me give up Diet Coke--I only drink the decaf. She says she doesn't care--it's ALL crap. I know, I know... Geez, can't a girl have ONE vice? A while back I gave it up, but it has slowly crept back in. This will really be hard for me, I like the fizz and the cold taste. Water sucks. I drink it, but I'm usually about 2-3 glasses shy of what I need. I am to have a bottle or cup of water on my desk at all times. Believe me, she'll check, so I have to drink the nasty stuff. She said I could put Crystal Lite in it. I challenged her on this...Crystal Lite has the same nasty stuff in that Diet Coke does--Aspartame. Why would I trade one for the other. She had no really good answer for that. So I am not going to drink either one. Can't stand lemon or lime, so it'll have to be plain water for me.

So that's the new plan in a nutshell. Eat less, move more. DUH....


Mahke said...

Hey Shari :) We all need a kick up the bum sometimes, I could do with one myself! Good for you for recognising and understanding good advice when you get it.

Shari Kraft said...

Thank you Mahke! It's hard sometimes to admit that you've got a problem! Mine is chocolate! I could eat it ALL day long!! So anyway...Trudy (the trainer) is helping me get a grip on myself!

Buffedstuff said...

Shari, sounds like you have a tell it like it is trainer.

Debbie said...

Shari, on giving up the Diet Coke. Find a replacement for it so you don't feel deprived.

You could use sparkling water/seltzer water with lemon, lime or orange slices. This is very good. Make it like a drink you'd get in a spa.


Steaz has a diet black cherry sparkling green tea that is made with xylitol sweetener and tastes good. It does have some calories but it's a better alternative that colas. This product is usually available only at a health market.

Jamie said...

I don't know if the "new" line of Crystal Lite has aspartame in it or not but the one they made for energy is good stuff. I don't particularly care for water straight either (no flavor is icky) so I add that and it makes the water so much more inviting to drink.