Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I don't know. Today is a first. I have absolutely NOTHING to say today. If you knew me, you'd know that REALLY IS a first! I think it's time for me to LISTEN. I would like to have everyone tell me in the comments section, "What inspires me"


Marbella said...

Hi Shari,
Well, for one, YOU inspire me. Love the way you talk, the way you say your words...and your dedication to this Shredder World we are in. Hope that things are going well for you...good luck and have a marvelous week. Hope you´re back to talking soon.

Shari Kraft said...

Thank you SO much Lynda! You are such a sweetheart. :)

juli gets happy said...

Hey Shari,

love inspires me, commitment and dedication.

Willpower and the ability to always find a way.

I admire perserverance.

I agree with Lynda: I love the way you talk and I like to listen then.

Enjoy your day,


Meredith said...

First Shari, love the picture for when you comment...don't think I have seen it before yesterday. I think you have inspired me to try and find a better one for my little comment pic.

Second, what inspires me:

Being around like-minded folks like this wonderful ShredderSphere group. The pictures, seeing before and after photos of real people, and seeing that they have done it, and it can be done.

Knowing that I can always Be, Do, and Have more....it just takes action from me.

Being able to help othres-knowing that in some way I have helped someone else-very inpiring.

Tillie said...

Shari...you inspire me with you words of encouragement and passion of what you want, and then you do it. Heck, I never thought I would ever join the Million Dollar Body from Beach Body, but I did, last week. I finally took a pludge and put up my photos on my blog. http://tipsonweightloss.blogspot.com/

Shari, you are strong, wonderful caring person and mother, a person who knows what she want in life and you go get it. Nothing will stop you or change you. Thanks for being you.

Shari Kraft said...

Thank you so much. It humbles me that I inspire you. I can't believe that I do! LOL!!! Just being myself one struggle at a time!

Anonymous said...

"What inspires me?" Shari, you are a breath of fresh air! You ARE inspiring! you have a goal and you are not letting anything get in your way. I, too, love the way you say your words. Your encouragement and support are beyond measure. Thanks so much for caring and for your prayers for my little Daniel. It touched my heart that you came to my blog first thing the other day to see how he was doing. He continues to do well!
It is inspiring to have so many caring people from across the globe who are genuinely concerned and are supportive and encouraging to strangers over the internet. It is inspiring that one can form such a bond with people as this.

Shari Kraft said...

I know...the bonds are strong with all of us. I think if we all met, we'd act like we'd known each other for ever!