Friday, July 18, 2008

Do you REALLY want it?

If this tree can dance with such joy why can't we? Life is joyous and a gift. I want all of you to do a little "happy dance" right now!

I love being able to bitch and moan to all of you friends out there. I love being accountable to you. Sometimes I think that if I didn't have this "outlet" I wouldn't have pushed myself to get as far as I have. I worry about my progress & plateaus, I worry about aches and pains. It helps to know I can come here and write away my cares and that you will UNDERSTAND.

The thing that ALWAYS worries me is my commitment. I have to ask myself everyday, "Are you ready, are you all set?" I have to pull myself out of bed every morning to exercise. I have to fight the Chocolate monster everyday--every hour! At the end of the day...YES! I AM committed.

I was thinking about my PRW (powerful reason why) today. I have several. Most of them are "cosmetic" things like: feeling good, not having my thighs rub together, clothes. Things every woman wants. The main thing I am coming to realize is that I just NEED to do this for ME! If you are not happy with something then CHANGE it! I am worth it, so are you! NEED is a strong motivator.

Think about this: Do you REALLY want to be fit?
Do you REALLY desire to be fit?

Then Show it.


Debbie said...

I agree Shari that we're very fortunate to be part of this large group. Many people don't even think about starting a blog let along get involved in a support group.

Larry said...

This is a great post Shari. Thanks for the reminder. We all REALLY need to decide daily if we want it. Whatever our IT is.

Your progress demonstrates that you do!

juli gets happy said...

I liek your today's psot alot, I really want it? What can I do today to shaow that!

Thank you, Shari, an important thing to remember,


Buffedstuff said...

Shari keep moving forward, you deserve this.

Mike Groom said...

I really liked you post today. We all need to ask ourselves these questions every day.

Love the photo too!

Marbella said...

We are the ONLY ones who can help ourselves. We´ve just gotta love ourselves enough to do what´s best. Not easy tho....