Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Day...Another Workout

My knee feels 100% better. I've been careful not to overdo it, and I feel great. I want to thank everyone that left me a note. I could not keep working out, if it weren't for you! It means a lot that any one of you would take the time to visit my little blog. I am very grateful for all of you.

Last week we talked about Couch Potato-dom. Whether or not a person was BORN a couch potato or not. If you look at this picture today, you will see what a REAL couch potato is. My cat Spike. He's got it made. I was sorting clothes in my bathroom and he just felt like a nap. Right there on the dirty clothes. He sleeps about 10 hours a day, then about 5ish he gets up and reigns holy terror on the house and the other kitty. I love this stupid cat. He's got attitude. I think I could learn a few things from him...just not the couch potato stuff!

As you know...I have struggled to find the right combination of workouts and eating plan that will work for me. I had some success with Metabolic Surge and minimal success with P90X--although my strength went thru the roof on that one! I have decided to get myself a personal trainer--just to get me started on the right track again. I've gotten a little side tracked by all the information out there. She will help me refocus and become clear headed.

I went over my PRW again....I try to read this everyday....along with affirmations. Try it. It really helps me keep my goals in front of me.

I have been working hard on my craft website and it looks really good. Pay it a visit and let me know what you think. It may not be your kind of thing, but it doesn't matter. Just let me know what you think of the colors, layout, etc. Cranapple Christmas

I will be adding my name to the August Shredder Walk Challenge. Just gotta get my little armband thingy! Better not wait too long...August is in 2 days!!


juli gets happy said...
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juli gets happy said...

Hey Shari,

I think spike is on a complete different mission: He follows another life-style than you, has different hobbies and a different diet bu he seems to be very happy.

I think it is absolutely fantastic that you join the shredder+-mission, it will bring lots of fun to all of us.

Furthermore, your idea with the trainer is just great, This and the Shredder+-challenge will take you further to your goals.

Keep up this fantastic attitude,


Marbella said...

Hi Shari,
What an adorable cat. I had a persian kitty once that was that same shade of gray. Cats are so special. I now feed 6 stray cats twice a day...they wait for me and run to meet me, then scared they run back off. I did go by your Craft Site and loved it. Plan on going back with more time. You are soooo talented.

Meredith said...

Hi Shari-the trainer idea is a great one...I too have been thinking about seeing one...as I never have officially worked out with anyone before...and couold use the advice. So glad that you have joined the challenge...it is so much fun!

Buffedstuff said...

spike is a trip, Hey Shari you can suffer from information, misinformation overload. I hope you find the right combination that works for you. Good luck with the trainer a good one is worth there weight in gold.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Glad to hear your knee is better; great attitude...that will help you over the hurdles. Keep moving girl!

Roy and Hazel said...

Its great to see Spike!
He's just how you described him. I'll have to post a picture of our Charlie who sleeps most hours of the day, apart from when he eats and Hazel takes him for a walk!

Shari Kraft said...

I'd love to see Charlie! Spike is a big 'ol slug. God love him!