Saturday, June 28, 2008

Feeling Better

Thank you everyone for attending my pity party yesterday. It was a great party. If you missed it, you really missed out. I feel much better. So much better in fact, that I have found my Challenge for July.

I have joined the 100 Pushup Challenge. I challenge everyone reading this to sign up for the Challenge.

If you're serious about increasing your strength, follow this six week training program and you'll soon be on your way to completing 100 consecutive push ups!

Think there's no way you could do this? I think you can! All you need is a good plan, plenty of discipline and about 30 minutes a week to achive this goal!

However, it really doesn't matter if you can do 50 or 6 right now. If you follow the progressive push ups training program, I know you'll soon be able to do 100 push ups!

I can do about 30 pushups on my knees as of today. It doesn't matter what style of pushup you do, just that you stick to the schedule and do the work. There is a Final Test you can take to show off your new "skills".

So.....are you up for the challenge? Go to the site and sign up...then make a comment on my blog to let me know that you are "in".

If you sign up, leave the comment, and complete the challenge, I will have a nice little prize for you! Everyone needs a little incentive, right!


Debbie said...

Hi Shari! I'm going to pass on this one since I did it earlier this year. (I think it was in early Spring).

To the newer shredders, this is a fun challenge so if you haven't done it before, go for it! Your strength building will surprise you.

Bald Eagle said...

You're not alone on this challenge! Enjoy!

Shari Kraft said...

Hey bald eagle! I'm so glad you are joining me!