Saturday, June 21, 2008

“Every day is a new battle. Every day we begin our day with specific short term goals, and every night we go to sleep having completed, or not completed that goal.” - Maria Kang

Do you have a goal? Have you even thought about it? I have. I keep a notebook with goals, thoughts, affirmations, my meal plans, measurements, etc. Along with my blog this is what keeps me going.

Which leads me to my "Powerful Reason Why". This is the major motivating factor that keeps me trying every day. I refuse to be overweight even one more year of my life. I am 50 years old and I am finished with being overweight and out of shape. I am doing this purely for myself. Yes, it's selfish, but this is my time. I have raised 4 kids by myself on a shoestring. Now that they are older and gone, I can finally do things for myself.

My secondary PRW is: I wanna look good nekkid! Who doesn't! This is a gift I want to give myself AND my husband. I want to run around the house in my little undies and not hide behind a towel or a robe or baggy t-shirt. This doesn't mean that I want to look PERFECT...I just want to look good in my own eyes. Perfection is not what I'm striving for here. Comfort in my own skin is the goal.

So Debbie...(she's on my sidebar--check out her blog) You asked us to post our PRW's today. This is mine. Since each person is unique, so will be their PRW's. I hope mine has inspired you even just a little bit! It's not hard to change...It's hard to START. Just make a decision to get up off the couch one day....take a walk, eat one less piece of junk, drink one less soda. Daily changes add up--you don't have to do it all in one day, or even one week....but please....just do it.


Debbie said...

Shari, fantastic post today! And not a darn thing wrong with doing it just for yourself. In fact, that's likely the #1 reason you'll get to goal.

Thanks for posting your PRWs!

Buffedstuff said...

Bravo Shari too beautiful new beginnings.

Mike Groom said...

Thanks for sharing your PRWs said...

Wonderful post, Shari. You're right - it doesn't always have to be all at once. Making small changes every day, gets us all closer to our PRWs.

CeeKaye said...

Right on Shari! You're PRW and your actions have been inspiring; you are a wonderful motivator. So glad you shared - Thank you!

oh, and thanks also for using the word nekkid! LoL

JD said...

WHOO HOO, Shari, You HAVE inspired me. I did start working out last week and then had a few bad days (my convenient excuse)!

You are getting me back on that ab machine & weight bench with your post today.

Not many can do that. Thanks so much for posting your "WHY"!


Shari Kraft said...

AWWWW...Shucks guys.....thanks for your comments. You make me feel so good! I think I'll just keep doing my thing--with such great can I not!

Marbella said...

Hi Shari,
Just got to the blogs and loved yours. It´s much like mine...we´re doing it for ourselves, to feel better, to be the real US that we have hidden away. We can do this! Let´s do it all together!

Anonymous said...

Shari, very good prw's! those were my very motivating factors early on for me! still a major driving force..don't want to go back to my former self.
you can do it! and we'll be here to watch!