Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 52 P90X

Rodeo's Comin'!!!

Wow! Day 52! I can't believe I have stuck to this program all this time! I usually get bored about 4 weeks and then do something else. Maybe that's why I haven't hit any of my goals! DUH...

I did KenpoX today. What a fun workout! Kickin' and punchin' for about an hour. I was sweatin' like a horse!

I am having very lean ground beef, broccoli, and brown rice for lunch with a bit of salsa! Can't live without my salsa! I love hot spicy food. I had oatmeal/strawberries/protein powder for breakfast. I usually eat blueberries, but they are $4.50 a bag right now! Strawberries and raspberries are about 1/2 that.

Have you ever heard someone complain that eating right costs too much?? Compared to what??? Heart attacks, strokes, obesity?? Then there's the time issue...(excuse) Don't you always find time to do the things you WANT to do?? I exercise first thing....as soon as I'm out of bed, I exercise. I really dislike exercising in the evening. How do you feel about that? When do you exercise?


Buffedstuff said...

Morning is best for me occasionally life happens and I have to workout in the evening.
hang in there with your training.

Mike Groom said...

I train in the evening. Can't seem to muster up the same intensity in the morning.