Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 39 P90X

I got a little off track on Saturday Evening....pizza and chocolate. I actually ate more chocolate than I did pizza! I ate one of those HUGE 1lb. bars! I ate myself sick! LOL!! I'm laughing now, but I was so sick on Sunday morning! That'll teach me, huh?

I only have one pic from my clothing challenge--Jamie. I'm going to try to get the others, but who knows....

I did my cardio this A.M. as planned. I tweaked my eating plan a bit. I think I am finally happy with it. I think I found the combination that will work for me. Haven't been craving things like I was.

I've been working on my craft website the last few days. Trying to get new projects photographed and put on the site is a full time job! Cranapple Christmas I'm going to have some new things such as soaps, dolls, and home decor. I try to sew/craft all year and then in about August I get in the Christmas mode. Gives me a break from all this fitness stuff! :)

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