Saturday, June 28, 2008

12 Step Shredder Program

Our Good Friend Debbie has asked us to write up our own 12 Step Program for the Shreddersphere. Hope you enjoy reading mine!

1. I admit I am a Shredder addict, I am powerless over Adam Waters, and his band of merry Shredders.

2. I believe that the Powers above have guided me to the Shreddersphere

3. Having made the decision to be a Shredder, I believe I am truly insane and there is no hope for me

4. I have made a decision to become the best person I can be and will motivate others to be the same

5. I am admitting openly to the Shreddersphere that I am hooked on blogging

6 I humbly ask that this shortcoming is overlooked and by all means,please join me

7. If I have motivated, inspired, or made you laugh, (thru my blog) then I have done my job

8. I will continue on this journey to become a better Shredder

9. I will pray and meditate over the direction my life is to take

10. I pray that I have the power and ability to reach all goals set before me

11. I will keep my fitness and nutrition log current at all times,I will visualize, write affirmations, and drink plenty of water

12. Having had a Shredder Awakening as a result of these steps, I promise to carry forward the Shredder message to the world.

This was really fun to do!

Please read the post below if you missed it. Join The Push-up Challenge today!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shari-nice job on your steps, they look great!

Debbie said...

Too Funny Shari! Great job. Glad you had fun with it.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Hi Shari: Was introduced to your blog by Deb...great stuff here... will be a regular visitor. Best!