Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 9 P90X

Well...it wasn't much better than last week...Plyo..the devil's work. I did the whole DVD, except for a couple of exercises that I just CAN'T do. I will get it. It just takes work.

I found the BEST recipe! Well, actually no recipe, it's something I had in a restaurant. Thought you might like to adapt it to fit your taste and cooking skills :) I'm just going to describe it, and then you take it from there.

1 cup of rice (brown, of course!) on your plate.
1 grilled chicken breast on top of rice
Green chilies on top of breast
2 slices of tomato on top of green chilies
1 slice of monterrey jack on top of it all.
Run it all under a broiler until cheese is bubbly and starting to brown.


Hope all of your are having a nice healthy day! What did you do for yourself today?
Tell me about it....I want to hear!


Buffedstuff said...

woman you have me crackin up over here. Yes plyo may indeed be the devils work lol....hang in there it does get better.

Nadine said...

Shari, thanks I'd love to join you all in the clothing challenge! Good for you for doing most of the dvd. You're right, the rest will come in time.

Mike Groom said...

All I need to do is work out what a "monterrey jack" is and I'll be right!

SuccessWarrior said...

The mother of all P90X workouts. I still struggle with it but it's a fun struggle.