Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 8 Power 90X

Today was Chest/Back day--classic push-pull exercises. Lots of pushups and pullups (which I cannot do!) I use a band and simulate a pullup. I am a tad sore, but feel so great that I am doing this!

I measured my body fat and I am down from 36.9 to 36%. Not bad! As long as I show a downward trend, I am happy. I don't see it in my pics, or feel it in my body yet, but I know it is working.

The clothing challenge got off to a great start. We will check in, in about 2 weeks for a progress report. Thank you Jamie and Rob for joining up with me! Also Suzette, my phantom challenger! LOL!! Hope you all have a happy, happy day!!!!

Today's Affirmations:

I am a strong woman (man)
I eat right for my body
I workout as planned each day


Marbella said...

Hi Shari. You sound as if all is going well with you. Just great. Keep up those tubes...I love them and they seem to really work for me for some reason. Maybe they will for you too.

Roy and Hazel said...

Hi Shari!
I just read some of your Shredder links for the first time. The stories are truly awesome! Such dedication to improve, and accountability too by displaying daily photos. I can see why you are attracted. It looks like real hard work though but you are so positive, you will succeed. Keep it up!

CeeKaye said...

Hi Shari :) You are shredding like a madwoman! Keep it up! Those push ups/pull ups - even tho you can't yet do one, if you keep trying it, all of a sudden you will be able to do like one or two...then just keep it going!

Mike Groom said...

Shari - you are on fire and I expect we'll be seeing some massive changes coming soon. I found when I orignally dropped from 264# down to 200# (back in 2002) you notice it all of a sudden. You don't see changes happening, until one day you realise you look totally different. Change will come as long as you remain consistent. Keep up the fantastic work!

Nadine said...

How do you measure your body fat? I took some pics since I was too late for your challenge. I just have to resize them to put on my blog.

Good for you! You are doing great! Keep up the good work!