Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 25 P90X

Picture of Thumb Butte about a week ago when we got snow in May of all things. Weather is funky today also....temp has dropped into the low 40's, snow is supposed to be on the way.

Looks like my post yesterday caused a bit of a stir. I figured it would. Weight issues and women--tied together like "base" and "ball". Can't have one without the other. I struggle with TOO much weight. Some one else may struggle with too little weight. I was talking about the girls that do this "on purpose" to themselves. NOT the women that struggle to keep weight on-- You know as well as I do that model agencies and agents push these girls to limits that no one should reach. How can you tell a girl that "your but is too big" WHEN SHE WEIGHS LESS THAN 100 LBS!!!! AND WEARS A SIZE 00???? OMG!!! WTF!!

I know that France has "outlawed" too skinny models. Change is coming. More and more we will see normal size and plus sized models. This makes me happy. Women are beautiful creatures and we deserve to love ourselves and not be pushed around by the media! I wanna know who sets up these impossible body images and who made THEM God!

Okay...I'm done.

As for me....I'm plugging away at my P90X workouts. I did Kenpo today, because I slept thru my workout yesterday! DUH.... Today would have been stretching, so I didn't miss much. I can do the stretching tonight on the floor while my hubby watches TV. He might be interested in watching me lift my butt over my head!! LOL!!

I want everyone reading this to love yourself today. Do something for yourself. Even if it's just doing nothing! Read a book, get a pedicure/manicure, take a walk, hug your spouse or kids--or your dog/cat! Whatever...just do it.

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