Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 24 P90X

Yesterday I bought Fitness RX for Women. A great magazine geared towards women's fitness. There was an article about "how skinny is too skinny". This topic really bothers me. All our lives we have either been picked on because we were too fat or too skinny. No wonder women have self esteem issues. We have these 16 year old girls posing for magazine covers and strutting the catwalk that are nothing more than skin covered skeletons. If you look closely you will see that their knee joints are actually BIGGER than their thighs! That is just unreal to me! So tell me....who's healthier a bone bag thin model or someone like me? The model exists on diet coke and cigarettes barely eating and even then it's some stupid fad thing like the "master cleanse". I bet most of them don't even exercise. I get up every morning at 5:30. First thing on the agenda is my P90X workout. Then I eat breakfast and shower. I pack my food for the day so I won't be caught off guard. Everyday I try to make myself better in some way. I am really concerned about these young girls. I am even more concerned about the people that LET them do this to themselves, the people that say they HAVE to do this if they want a career in modeling. I am also concerned about the women/girls that are role models for our young women. There are very few young women out there that I would want my daughter to emulate. Thank goodness that Leighsa is old enough to think for herself now. She is learning how to eat right and exercise. She is beautiful and I would like to keep her that way! She is tall and slim, but not skinny. She has curves--she's a REAL woman. I am liking those Dove commercials more and more everyday. The women they showcase are all REAL.

Okay...I'll jump down from my high horse now! But this is really something to think about. What mental issues are running around in your psyche? We need to work on changing our mental pictures. Visualization, people!! Affirmations!!!

Today's affirmations:

I am a strong vital woman (man)
I love myself for who I am today
I exercise everyday because it is good for my body

Thanks for visiting with me today. I apppreciate all my fellow "shredders" and regular readers. I do this blog as much for you as for myself! Hugs to you all.


Anonymous said...

wow, i feel so bad for those girls, too. i can one think that that is beautiful? they look sick to me.
i took my pic yesterday but it turned out blurry so am going to take another one today...will try to get it to you before day is over.
sorry it taking me so long!
keep pressing on!!

Joy0z said...

Gosh..I know I am thin but not to the bone. It's not choice to be like this. I am striving to gain weight and have a little chubby body but really can't lol! Thank you for dropping my page

Buffedstuff said...

It is all about the money...these young girls can make more money in one photoshoot they some people can make all year. Sad but true..however there is a new trend in the industry and you will see more and more plus size models.

Tillie said...

I know what you mean about the thin model out there. I sometimes watch the 'American Top Model' and watching those girl go through agencies and shoot of what they put up with - This one girl I thought she looked good and fit but the judges put her in the down cause she need to loose weight cause her butt was too big. OMG! BUT more and more products and commercial on TV are showing plus size model like Olvay and the winner on the show is a plus size girl though I think she looks good.

I know in my experience of being over weight, I don't care what people think. Sure I see them looking at me differently but you have to annoy it and move on. Keep up the good work and believe in yourself that you are better them and more wiser in heart.